Indulge Yourself In These Simple Dessert Recipes • Tasty

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  1. Sophia Eastman

    The chocolate cake looks AMAZING

  2. 4:33 (in the background of the music it sounds like a home phone ringing) i was watching this while having headphones on and heard that part …then took one bud off to see if a phone was ringing and was like hummm 😂😂omg lmao

  3. Noelle Bloomfield


  4. the second one is sooo nice i made it

  5. What is this song????

  6. can i download this music anywhere?

  7. can i download this music anywhere?

  8. NorthLegion Gaming

    For the first recipe what did Tasty Put on the brownie at the end? Ima try to make this and need to know ASAP

  9. Brighton Young

    Fuck this music

  10. Im sorry but the Musik in this Video was so annoying..

  11. Love the little kid helping in the last recipe!

  12. Do I really want to eat microwaved ice cream? That sounds gross.

  13. Why arent the recipes just in the description? -.-

  14. spiderdude2099


    Ok, why do they do this? Does literally ANYONE find it "cute" or "endearing" to watch a child make an absolute MESS trying to help make a dish? If I was that parent, the minute a single bit of batter flies out, that's it, I'm taking over. Just literally, smh, I KNOW they include parts like this to be all like "oh look, a fun dessert you can make with your kids". That's all well and good, but if your kid doesn't have the necessary motor control to handle the spatula, mixer, etc, they shouldn't be allowed to help with those parts.

  15. spiderdude2099

    I hate how more and more videos on this site are recipes with commentary from some bitch I don't care about. Like, some of them look good too, but I'm sorry, I don't want to hear your tasty staff or some random celebrity chef recite some 5 minute dissertation about their food "muse" over a 3 minute recipe so I'm gonna skip those videos entirely. Just do the wordless top down tutorial vids like everyone expects from you.


    Everything: 🤤🍰🍫

  17. Do you have to use coconut butter or can it just be butter

  18. This is why americas so fat lmfaooo

  19. Thanks tasty.. my New Years Revolution of staying healthy is destroyed now…😆