Indian Tomato Rice | Easy lunch recipe

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Indian Tomato rice is a simple, colorful, flavorful & delicious one pot dish made with rice, tomatoes, and fried potatoes, extremely easy to make lunch recipe.

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  1. Chronicles Of Malia

    I really like the fact that you used a lot of cooking spices cos I do same when cooking and that the food was made almost with no oil at all as some people like to drench their foods with oil.
    Looks very healthy.
    If I can’t find coriander can I supplement with something else?
    Btw new subbie here!💜🤤

  2. Creative Thinking

    Awesome recipe. Thank you for sharing. Have a great day.


    Looks YUMMY and mouth watering 🤤😫

  4. shamly mohan

    My favorite!!

  5. Wow you are a big chef. ☺

  6. Yummyfood recipes

    Awesome 👌
    Look delicious

  7. ∂єиιѕє


  8. Be Inspired To Travel

    Thank you for sharing another recipe 😋🍻

  9. Good recepie👍whenever i feel lazy i used to make this one.its very time saving

  10. Her Wild Boys

    This looks delicious!! I love potatoes, rice and fresh veggies!! Ginger is so good and healthy!! Yum!! Thanks for sharing hun! Love and support!

  11. Samantha Michael

    Hi! This looks so good and easy enough to make! I have all the spices. I will have to try it! Great video Thanks for sharing! Take care ❤


    Ooh Nice, Tomato Rice, can you spice it up to your liking?

  13. Celebrity Gist TV

    Nice intro and it's looks yummy