Huge Grill of Brazilian Meat. Italy Street Food Festival

Street Food Festival in Turin, Italy
Salone dell’ auto

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#picanha #angus
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  1. Fátima Sardar

    Nice job bro

  2. 창수오 SooOh Street Foo:D

    WOW I like Italy street food

  3. Brazil caralhoooo

  4. Vincenzo's Plate

    Wooow 😍😋 I'm speechless!! Meat everywhere 😍😍😍

  5. Aquele churrascão BR de respeito.

  6. Osiel Vicente


  7. Alamin The Blue Sky


  8. قناة لاامع اضحك مع مازن


  9. Dominique Gervasi

    I really love streetfood what a show on grill !!!!

  10. الايام السودة الايام السودة

    الطليان يشبه العرب في طهي الطعام

  11. how many pigs is on grill ? 😊