How To Make The Creamiest Mashed Potatoes

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  1. Daryl Bukalan

    I wanna date your voice 😍

  2. My mum has been using a hand mixer for mashed potatoes her entire life 👀

  3. Ghadeer Atiyah

    You can melt mozzarella cheese and add corn instead of gravey

  4. Laughs in hungry *

  5. How much butter and heavy cream are you adding?

  6. Sophia Teran

    Who just uses the box

  7. Heavy cream? What brand is that in uk

  8. Carolyn Hill


  9. Miss Ling's Kitchen

    That looks Yummy! I wish to have it right now!

  10. Krista Harvey

    One word .. yum!

  11. The recipe looks great, but how much is "one stick" of butter? We have different packaging and it's very easy to use more or less. EDIT: It's 113g or 1/2 cup.

  12. themoonismadeofcheese

    Tasty: "we're going to add some butter"
    Me: "yep, here we go…"

  13. Nadiya Khairani

    Thank you so much, this recipe definitely work!

    Love from indonesia

  14. Frank Gutowski

    Butter and buttermilk.

  15. Not to those who are on diet….too much butter…cholesterol alert!

  16. Khuê Phùng Lê An

    Alexis’s voice is seriously so satisfying to hear

  17. Gvhssrvpuram Rvpuram

    Tasty video

  18. Its lumpatious…

    Tell me in the comments if you know what it means at 4:41

  19. Nahid Hossain

    Super unhealthy recipe