How To Make Roast Pork

We show you how to roast pork, fragrantly herbed with a crispy, crunchy crackling finish. For more recipe inspiration head over to

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  1. 65 minutes for a 2kg pork roast? wtf!

  2. Not sure why you insist on using a small knife.

  3. Little Sister

    Does it matter if it’s on a low shelf? Like does that effect how long you keep it in

  4. Aimee Thomson

    …check every 2 mins?

  5. stuff and thangs

    Step 12 was rather sensual

  6. Margaret Coultrup

    Excellent demonstration and all done in less than three minutes, thanks for including gas oven temperature too, you’re the first person I’ve seen that include it.

  7. Carrie Taylor


  8. I rub in oil on the skin with a lot of rock salt to get a good crisp too thanks for sharing

  9. Robert Kattner

    Cook the roast at 250 degrees for 2.5 hours, slow and low, then under the broiler for 10 minutes, watch the progress, then you have tender meat and a crispy skin. You do not need a meat thermometer.

  10. Basically Frost

    Steamed ham

  11. Pork should never be eaten pink

  12. James Ziemba

    Use a thermometer to check the internal temperature. Looking for clear juice is pretty imprecise.

  13. roast poke??
    thankfully he recited all the step 1, step2, step,3…etc………. or i'd have been completely lost!

  14. Thanks Scoff,I am a recently single dad and its nice to see a simple roast recipe.

  15. Made this recipe for a family dinner. Turned out perfect! easy recipe and it tasted amazing!

  16. Xavier Bowie

    Man I can't believe it finally my roast pork 🐷 came out exactly like the tutorial video clip thanks videojug for making it uncomplicated

  17. SAM The SHAM

    Why why why cook the meat with fat on it so unhealthy! skin is cholesterol clogs arteries heart disease!

  18. ธัญญพัฒน์ อนุรักษ์วรกุล

    Pork roast

  19. William Shakespeare

    You sound like a robot.

  20. ….carve and serve….