How To Make Omurice – A Japanese Rice Omelette

How To Make Omurice - A Japanese Rice Omelette

Chef Shintaro Eleazar Okuda of Bar Moga in NYC is sick of amateur omurice omelette videos, so he came to the Munchies Test Kitchen to demonstrate how it’s done. Shintaro breaks down the origins of this comforting Western-inspired dish, the special techniques he uses to achieve the perfect omurice shape and texture, and why this dish is best eaten with a spoon. His recipe for this creamy omelette includes buttery chicken fried rice and a savory veal demi-glace.

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  1. The most satisfying moment is when he cuts open the football and the egg just flips open!

  2. Mary Grace Flaviano

    wow….. thank you i will try, by the way, he is good in teaching…

  3. Garbage Head

    Salmonella over rice.

  4. Garbage Head

    Japanese people small and don't eat grains, glutton, and meat…uh what are fish and rice Tiny??

  5. this mans really has the Fibonacci sequence visualized as a tattoo on his forearm


  6. Chhengkim Hong

    Is it traditional Demiglace sauce that take 3 days to cook?
    That is why it take time to get the base sauce to create his homemade demiglace sauce for the Umurice?

  7. I want this so badd

  8. Japanese post malone

  9. Chucky Nation

    U cant consume grain but yet u guys eat bats wth

  10. Tuguldur Galbadrakh

    He bangs oven and pan like drum. Dum dish dum dish dish dum dish

  11. Why do you have to Vice it up Vice? Jesus…

  12. Dayum, in hungry now

  13. Aprille Mangcoy

    Ughh! That’s looks tasty. I’ve always wanted to eat authentic omurice 🀀🀀

  14. Mahmoud Haji

    This chef really knows how to make a classic french omelette.

  15. why does this guy not have his own channel?
    I searched Chef Shintaro Eleazar Okuda and nothing.
    We need more from this guy.

  16. The way he cooked the egg was like the one shown in Cooking Mama.

  17. Angela Is my name

    He’s good looking

  18. Lady Warchief

    Can't stop admiring the JoJo sleeve though. Man is obviously of great culture.

  19. FlowerEmblem

    Great explanation. I wonder if the chef has a mixed heritage. My cousins are half caucasian and they have similar traits to this guy.

  20. It's just rice and eggs.