How to Make Magic Cake | Dessert Recipes |

A simple white cake with magical filling! This dreamy dessert is a lightly sweet sponge cake with a creamy custard filling. Goes well with fresh fruit or a chocolate glaze, too! Get the recipe for Magic Cake at:

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  1. Ingredients in gram please

  2. Bitchie Canine

    will have to try.

  3. I watched this video an hour ago and just took the cake out of the oven. I've never seen such a liquid batter. I made it GF–hope it turns out!

  4. Sudipta MUKHERJEE


  5. I made something kind of like this before…but it was chocolate cake on top pudding on the bottom. Very simple and delicious recipe.

  6. There's a chocolate version of the magic cake that is like Ike a dry mix that you pour boiling water over without mixing it, and It's amazing, cake on top, chocolate sauce underneath. I've gotta look for that recipe!

  7. ceren geronimo

    What's the name of music on video

  8. What abt baking powder did u use baking powder n how much

  9. Lukewarm?

  10. siouxsie1954

    the most amazing dessert IN THE WORLD. I had it at The Hotel Seville in Harrison, Arkansas and thought I had died and gone to heave. The chef gave me the recipe and I've been making it ever since. I like to spruce it up with freshly grated nutmeg on top. I also use Flori de Sicilia when I'm feeling especially festive.

  11. Bake With Dollies

    Going to have to try this out, looks awesome!👍

  12. anthony whitehead

    looks different&wow

  13. Too much Work for such a Lackluster result…

  14. Must try this…

  15. Cindy Shivers

    It's in the oven baking right now. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  16. GolDreadLocks

    Thank you, I have been searching for this recipe! When I was a kid it was one of the favourites at church craft /bake sales!!

  17. tinaloveseddie

    Did Hermione just whip up this cake?🔮

  18. marie paradiso

    Looks delicious 👌❤

  19. Mette Jepsen

    It's supposed to be 3 layers… like a dense bottom, custard and fluffy cake…

  20. PumpkinsnBlackcats

    I've made this before. Its not enjoyable lol. For the ingredients you can make something much more worth while. The custard layer ends up tasting like the texture of a pudding with a shit load of gelatin in it.