How To Make Crispy Spicy Fried Chicken Recipe

GET RECIPE: Fried chicken time!! Today we’re making some of this juicy, crispy, crunchy spicy fried chicken! I don’t care what anybody says, fried chicken is just plain fun to eat! There is something amazing about sinking your teeth down into that crispy, crunchy coating and into the juicy, tender flavorful meat.

This spicy fried chicken takes me to my salty, smokey happy place! Join me!!


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Music by Kevin Macleod
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  1. Loeka van Bijnen

    "Minnie don't burn no chicken". I got that reference.

  2. Maryanne Adela

    tried it (minus the chilli stuff) was totally easy and yum! subscribed

  3. Crazy K_A_T_Z

    Omg I was thinking thhe same thing with shaking the chicken and the "Minni dont burn chicken"

  4. nicholas singh

    I literally watched that movie today

  5. Beautiful Onyinye

    Talk step by step… Please and first mention spice

  6. water bottle

    That chicken is on fire with all the spices and red hot sauce

  7. Willis Shockley

    why self-rising flour?

  8. Just adorable~

  9. I love this video!

  10. Sumaiya Ahmed

    what spices u used?

  11. Kuumomimakamae Porter

    What did you cook your chicken on? (Temp) I cook mine on a 7? I suck at making chicken. :/ the first time i made fried chicken the outside was burnt but the inside was still raw. 

  12. That was made with great fun and good energy. Thank you!

  13. I just subscribed to you. I'll be moving out soon and will need to be able to cook some tasty meals! So thanks!! :)



  15. Gregory Richmond

    Who cares about chicken. Not enough boobs.

  16. BigBoss AndTheDoll

    looks so good!

  17. Dwayne Morris

    Thanks for the video…..I love how fast you did the tutorial…..

  18. Lindsey Spacek

    Unbelievable! Made it, loved it!

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