How to Make Braised Pork Belly /红烧肉

This is my recipe for braised pork belly, a very popular dish in Chinese cuisine. Although it may take a little while to make, the taste is excellent and worth the time. The sweet and savory flavor of the sauce and tender texture of the meat make this a delicious meal. You will enjoy it!

1 1/2 lb pork belly
1 cup water
2 tbsp dark soy sauce
1 tbsp cooking wine
2 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp rock sugar
5 cloves peeled garlic
5 slices of ginger
2 star anise
little bit cooking oil, salt
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  1. thanks I love your recipes

  2. is helpful for me for learn more .how to cook Chinese foods
    thanks for the videos .

  3. wonderful, thank you!

  4. Where the grease from fat disapears? If i do this then meat swims in grease.

  5. Great Receipe Tried it, very authentic

  6. The HeartBrokenBiker

    Can I do without the star anise and rock sugar. Gonna try it coming weekend 🙂 Thanks for the clear video.

  7. Your voice is so soothing, like a soft caress. When I locate some Pork Belly in the small town where I live, I must try this.

  8. Wing chee Chan


  9. what does boiling the pork achieve?

  10. Cooking it now. Cant wait to eat it. My kitchen is smelling yummy already. So easy recipe.

  11. Is red bean paste sometimes used in this dish? Is Kau Yuk different?

  12. I love this! I also make with leaner pork but have to be careful or it will cook to shreds but even that I like to eat over rice! :-)

  13. nice simple recipe. I used to cook braised pork belly many times exactly this way. Only couple suggestions, if you use soya sauce there is no need to add extra salt. Besides, brown sugar is better that white, less sweet and nicely braise pork. Instead of cooking wine I used dry sherry or …. cider. I know, sounds crazy but it cheaper and imo  taste better. I cooked for my Chinese friends and never believed that was cider. Actually, I hate drink cider but for cooking is really good. In this case is good to add a pinch of Chinese five spices. If someone likes a bit spicy, I recommend add also two/three grains of Sichuan Pepper.

  14. two tbsp dark soy sauce is a lot? don't add any salt then

  15. Anthony Ridley

    way to o much salt. The sodium count must be insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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