How to make a Spanish homemade dish for lunch #spanishfood #howtomakespanishfood #cookingspanishfood

How to make a Spanish homemade dish for lunch #spanishfood #howtomakespanishfood #cookingspanishfood

Join me in how to make a Spanish meal for lunch of mashed plantains and salami stew. In this video I show you step by step how to make this meal and why I cook it this way. I used:
Goya tomato sauce
Hunts tomato paste
Spanish Olives
Country crock butter
2% cow milk
Olive oil
Minced garlic
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  1. lishieandfamily

    You should do more cooking video!!

  2. lishieandfamily

    all your dishes look delicious !!

  3. Dolores Dejesus

    So fast so good cleaning learning to pack a sucase I love it

  4. Marylou's Hair, Health and Beauty

    That meal just made me hungry looks amazing! And i love the end of your video with the smokey effect

  5. lishieandfamily

    I have never tried plantain before but this dish looks so yummy

  6. lishieandfamily

    your daughter looks like your twin <3 she is so cute

  7. Shanice Shopping Saga

    I have never had a plantain like ever!!! Iโ€™m going to need some the next time you make it!!! I have no idea how to cut it the other way but you made that look really smooth!

  8. Raising Baby King

    I've never tried plantains, do they taste similar to bananas or completely different?

  9. Great tip for the plantains!

  10. Maricela and Sammyโ€™s Hauls

    Tfs ๐Ÿค—

  11. Dolores Dejesus

    Why you donโ€™t invited me to enjoy the lunch ,that was my favorite spanish lunch.

  12. Denise Polanco

    Looks delicious. I am going over next time.