How to have a vegetarian Christmas dinner I Hubbub Vlog

How to have a vegetarian Christmas dinner I Hubbub Vlog

Over 1/3 of people in the UK are shifting to eat a bit less meat. This Christmas, whether you’re going a little bit veggie or the whole hog, take a tour through some of the best vegetarian Christmas alternatives.

Turkey for most people in the UK forms the basis of a traditional Christmas dinner and meat plays a big part in most people’s days. But this year one in five of us will be going veggie or cooking for someone who is vegetarian. Eating less meat and dairy is the best thing that we can all do to reduce the impact we’re having on the environment and moving towards a plant powered diet is a growing trend. Luckily there are lots of ways of having a more sustainable Christmas dinner through eating less meat and buying better meat when you do.

If you’re buying meat this year this video with Eating Better has some great info on what the different meat certifications mean and which are the best ones to buy.

If you’=’re wanting to try a brand new vegetarian Christmas recipe and want advice, or if you’re a veggie veteran with top tips, let us know in the comments! What’s your favourite veggie Christmas recipe?


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