How to Grill Glazed Salmon – EASY Fish Recipe!

How to grill glazed fish. Versatile recipe I’ve used for many fish species! Only 3 ingredients required, and they’re likely in your kitchen cabinets already.

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  1. SwampDonkey530

    Look's good JB, i don't have any tails left but would probably work on steaks too, right.

  2. ProFishermanJones

    That looked delicious !

  3. Salmax Kayak

    Now I'm hungry..looks top notch.

  4. I love the fish you caught! But dont like the recipe.

  5. Up North Outdoor Madness

    Great Video! What computer do you use for editing MAC or PC. How about program or software looking to change to something else.

  6. stutoriousify

    Looks great! I'll try this on one or two of the fillets from my Manistee trip this past weekend. I just love this time of year out on the big lake!

  7. Looks nummy

  8. Try adding some ginger and sesame seed. It's so good you'll do "the Rick."

  9. Wow. That looks amazing. And easy to make.

  10. White Guy #3

    You could just put 1/2cup of brown sugar in a bowl, along with 4tbls of soy sauce and make a wet rub. It distributes flavor evenly.

  11. Great recipe. Love your videos. Keep up the good work. Hope you guys can make it out to the Pacific Northwest some time and hit some of our steelhead and salmon rivers. Keep kicking ass!

  12. Yes!  I grew up on salmon in the Pacific NW.  Mmmmmmmmmmm! And healthy too!

  13. The Consummate Sportsman

    Looking for a new way to prepare your catch? Look no further!

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