How to eat lunch in Brazil on a budget Learn how to eat lunch in Brazil for cheap.
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  1. Marge Simpson

    Isso é um prato ou uma serra da mantiqueira ???? Hahaha até meu celular parou de funcionar depois dessa …

  2. Denise Muller


  3. Cara que prato é esse? Kkkkkk

  4. Funny man!

  5. Mano do céu kKkkkk

  6. you are what you eat

  7. parece pedreiro comendo HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  8. meu deus, olha esses pratos, parece umas montanhas de comida


    american idiot 😂 video muito bom

  10. Luciana Spicacci

    Got to comment it! LOL!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
    If you like japanese food, there´s a Self Service Restaurant in Copacabana called "686", it´s very good!!

  11. I bet Brazilian food was the first thing you liked about brazil that you have high quality and cheap food. also did you learn it from the builders, this is called comida de pedreiro, because they use to eat a lot due to their heavy work

  12. +Josh Plotkin there's something you should know: you can almost always serve as many times as you want in these restaurants. So you don't have to put up a mixed up food plate like that.

  13. Christian Cruvinel

    Ta parecendo instrução pra fazer um bloco pra assentar na parede kkk

  14. Hernán Lema

    Lmfao pedreiro

  15. Mate, I found it super funny. That looks like bricklayers pigging out. I don´t think the average Joe fills up their place with such a mountain of food.

  16. Gostei mesmo foi da "compactação" da comida…

  17. Michael Purser

    This makes me laugh, this idea of fitting loads of food on your plate might me normal in the USA but is seen as quite absurd and wasteful here in the UK. I think Brazil agrees haha.

  18. luaudesigndf

    OMG! 😀 What I do, in weighted restaurants, is hide the meat under the salad so they don't know how much meat I'm getting 😛

  19. Lucy Ricarte

    vix….quem coloca o arroz e feijao em cima de um monte de salada?? affff, aqui fazem ao contrario pelo q eu sei…. morri!!

  20. It's disgunting. It's not our reality.