How To Cook South American Cuisine | MasterChef Canada | MasterChef World

How To Cook South American Cuisine | MasterChef Canada | MasterChef World

The home cooks are challenged to create South American food in this elimination challenge! But, do all the contestants know what South American cuisine is?
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  1. If you keep on doing this… The end will be near.

  2. comment section : 99% people talking about how none of the dishes is from south america and how mexico is north america

    1% that guy look like edna

  3. Honey It’s me

    It made me mad that most people made Mexican food🙄 that is North America people!

  4. u n k n o w n

    panna cota??? south american???

  5. Hero Number Two

    David from s2-wins
    David from s3-eliminated first
    I wonder how the churro girl wasnt eliminated, my mom makes churros easily

  6. They could have made some Guyanese food

  7. Claudio Espinoza

    That "tres leches cake" looks wonderful!!!! I don't know how Chef Michael managed to not eat like a half haha

  8. German Villarreal

    As a Mexican I don’t understand why they made tres leches cake it from Mexico which is in North America!

  9. Pussy Fucker

    How is a churro too sweet? Mf that is sum perfect as churros

  10. Ajyanna luvsu

    I love Matthew he is soo handsome, he kinda looks like Bretman Rock but quiet and a chef 😍😌

  11. 4:33 : it does make me think of south america me: wtf is south America for you

  12. Southern food for them is USA food

  13. Arianna Roccio

    I get the feeling that MasterChef Canada needs to travel more or at leat read because they never get region food right like Mexico is not South America

  14. churros a little bit too sweet? wtf churros is meant to be sweet bruh

  15. 2:43 ONE MINUTE

  16. Jennifer is HOT

  17. What season is that

  18. smile please !!!!

    Judges r a fine eg. Of "GEOGRAPHY DROP OUTS..

  19. Thank you chef thank you chef thank you

  20. 2:12 did anyone notice when the asian chef didn't scream the five minutes part or is it just me