Hotel Tour in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil + Best Chicken Hearts & Garlic Bread!

Hotel Tour in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil + Best Chicken Hearts & Garlic Bread!

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Thank you to Novotel Botafogo for sponsoring my stay: I thought it was a great business or travel hotel (affordable, about – 0 per night), and especially it’s located in a great location in Rio de Janeiro.

Grave Cafe – A bit of an interesting cafe in Rio de Janeiro, more of an art space and underground music venue. Not fully my style, but coffee was very good.
Double espresso – 9 BRL (.40)

Galeto Sat’s – This was the highlight for me. I didn’t know if I was going to have time to eat here during my trip to Rio de Janeiro, but on my final day, we did, and I’m glad. The chicken hearts and garlic bread were the best I’ve ever had anywhere. And the spring chicken with the sauce was outstanding.
Total price – 108 BRL (.79)

Restaurante Cervantes – Sandwiches were ok, the beef was the best, so juicy.
Total price – 78 BRL (.80)

And that completes this small travel tour and hotel review tour in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Thank you for watching, and many more travel guides, tips, and reviews coming!

“Esta Noche”


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  1. biswajit chatterjee

    Is there any food that Mark does not like??😁

  2. Antonio Diaz

    hey love ur videos..keep up the good work.

  3. he is so funny

  4. Joan Goncalves Da Costa

    Obrigado por visitar nosso país.
    Sinto me honrrado e vejo q gostou do q temos a oferecer.
    Espero q retorne e conheça mais lugares ,pois somos um povo acolhedor, com certeza temos muito a oferecer.
    Acho fantástico quando prova algo e faz aquela cara de quem entra em transe.kkk.
    Abraço forte may frend

  5. PandemoniumMeltDown

    Sweet suite room

  6. where does he get all the money ??

  7. Paska Iswanto

    Mark shows us both an elite hotel room as well as a rundown apartment. This guy totally rocks the balance .

  8. DavidSriracha

    Nice view Mark ..awesome room tour 👍 those chicken hearts could use some sriracha ..I'm surprised you don't carry your own hot sauce bottle with you 😆 thank you for taking us along Mark 👍

  9. Roza Pavlova

    Who is paying for all that?

  10. The Aquarian Empress

    Cant get enough of the “oh wow” 🙂

  11. Melissa Gracie

    How are you so thin? I love your face when you eat something really good. 🙂

  12. Rizwan islam

    Invitation from bangladesh ..
    Come bangladesh…

  13. I'm Brazilian and your FANNNN

  14. Rebecca Evangelista

    I need a gushy couch!!! Looked like a good nap spot!!

  15. Would love to go there once but 2 of my friends individually got robbed there. After that we heard a lot of people are just being killed over nothing, even for a 100 bucks watch… So I will pass until I have a geniune guide there.

  16. Brazil is a shithole

  17. The water at the beach is wretched. It is the Botafogo Bay which is part of Guanabara which is quite polluted. Not good for swimming.

  18. Isabel Ferranti

    O nosso Brasil e muito bom tem comida boa lugares bonitos Seja bem vindo no nosso país bij

  19. Veronica Ramirez

    How cute when you were running and jumped on the bed. You are so real. That's what I like about you. 🤗

  20. Dennis Tchen

    I have dual passports, American and Brazilian. I want to spend in 3 months in Rio starting with the carnival. I got to eat churrasco every night. I miss my Brazillian upbringing. Saudades