Honey Curry Chicken Thighs Recipe- Easy Weekday Dinner Idea!

Honey Curry Chicken Thighs Recipe- Easy Weekday Dinner Idea!

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Bake’em, grill’em, fry’em, it doesn’t matter, these honey curry chicken thighs always come out amazing! Could there be a more harmonious combination than honey and curry??

This honey curry chicken recipe is part of my monthly chicken rotation. It pairs up will with many sides. The flavors are elegant enough to serve at a dinner party and easy enough to make for a quick weekday dinner.

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  1. Marisa Yrineo

    I am no cook but I did have all the ingredients needed for this recipe.  Weird!!!! and awesome tasting chicken !!!!

  2. Marisa Yrineo

    great tasting chicken, nice change!!!!! Would like if you post another video can you please give me amounts of ingredients to mix. I improvised and guessed amounts. great recipe

  3. Morgan Wells

    New subscriber here! This looks fantastic! I have this marinading in the fridge as we speak, however I thought I had curry powder but don't so I'm using Chinese five spice instead and I hope it will be just as good :-/, keeping my fingers crossed! Love you're channel and blog, can't wait to try all you're recipe's! 

  4. TrueRain DropLuv

    i first seasoned one side of chicken with adorbo n sazon Nd garlic the other side of my chicken  thigh with lawyer n left it to soak for 4hrs in zip lock bag …i just took a stick margrine melted  added curry added my own amount of honey added soesause and i left out the mustard and added brown sugar imma let it sit over night but i'mma cut up onionsthen add it to the zip lock bag n cook it in the morning i tasted the mixed it tasted very good … January 15 2015 ill tell u how it came out … 

  5. chosenbyheart1

    This recipe was a success again. I made it in the crock pot. I seasoned the meat first before marinating in the sauce. It was a hit. Unfortunately I never make enough for left overs. I served it with cilantro-lime rice and green beans. Dessert sock it to me rum cake. Mmm good!

  6. chosenbyheart1

    This is a requested dish from my family. I love your recipes Monique. I have been following you for years. Keep up the good work. 

  7. toobeautiful2knw

    I'm not a master cook but I sure had every single ingredient including the grilling pan in my kitchen…love this!!

  8. LaJulie Hines

    People don't keep that stuff in they kitchen unless they on some master cooks food network type cooks 

  9. Zanda Thomas

    Can you try this on fish? 

  10. Ni'je Nelson

    Oh god that looks so good ! I have to try this recipe

  11. Can I bake them in the oven?

  12. sequita smith

    All of the step by step recipes are on her website divascancook.com. The video are helpful to watch while making the recipie

  13. Amazing! Just made them they taste soooo good :)

  14. can I use mustard instead of the grey poupon?

  15. John Mothers

    soo nice

  16. This looked so good. Then I made it and was amazing! Hello from Seoul Korea and thanks!!!

  17. For those wondering if this recipe is worth making…
    Only thing is I like to put alot of butter lol, yummy!
    and I slow cooked it and once it reached safe temperature I got to brown.

  18. i wonder would these work with bone in thighs on the george forman grill

  19. I'm gonna try this recipe..would b super helpful if the measurements of ingredients were included…hope I guess it right.

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