Homemade Dinner Rolls Recipe

These are the best dinner rolls that I have EVER had! There is seriously nothing better than biting into a fluffy, soft, and light dinner roll smothered in a little (or a lot) of softened butter. 🙂

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  1. Lecheil sequihod

    how good

  2. Crystal Wengenroth (stayathomemomma)


  3. very good video, thanks for sharing it

  4. this recipe awesome

  5. Mr. Heineken

    7:45 That's how she likes it!

  6. Queena Phung

    Hi Sav,

    Your dinner rolls looks so yummy. I wonder if I can use instant yeast instead. If so, do I use the same amount?

    Thank you!

  7. This recipe is awesome ❤️

  8. I came very well thank u its beautiful

  9. scale is soooooooooooooo important while baking! I am from France and it makes more sense for me! Thanks!

  10. What's Birel Will Goon?

  11. Keith Anderson

    thank you

  12. Søren Carlsen

    Express the second ingredient just ONE time 100% clear please !

  13. What if you don't have the milk powder and the gluten? What else can I use?


  14. Olude Temitope

    Maybe I am a late comer but after the terrible attempt I made trying to bake bread, I came across your recipe and went and got myself some gluten… The bread is amaaaaazzzzinnngggg…..Thank you so much… though I forgot to add the butter at first,then just about when I finished the first kneading, I remembered then I put it back in d processor and added butter. I was so scared it won't come out right but it did..Yipeee!!

  15. I love it and I hop u can written the recipt and how much temperature in oven and thank u so much 

  16. hi can I have recipt for tost bread plz 

  17. Carla Wilson

    Where is the recipe located.

  18. Jennie Daoheuang

    those look butterlicious! 

  19. Littlekiddo Sonnier

    Please make pastel bread just like the vjandep pastel

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