Healthy School Lunch Ideas : Hot Dog and Yogurt Recipe

Rebecca Brand has a school lunch idea with a hot dog and yogurt recipe that is quick and easy to make in the morning for a brown bag school lunch. Kids lunches are more fun with different types of tastes and this fun lunch and tips are easy and delicious. Hot dogs are a favorite and the snack pack in this lunch recipe is a fun way to go for your child’s school lunch.


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  1. Peyton Nicholson

    Is Landon your only child?

  2. Master Slice

    "Who woulda thunk it!" You just earned yourself a subscriber ! My favorite quote :)) haha!! 

  3. charlie rose

    Hes like 15 and your drawing pictures on his lunch bag?? 

  4. everything great, until she include the toothpick for little one -_- not safe

  5. Julie Burger

    I love these ideas and tricks. They are so cool. 

  6. Was looking to see what I could make for lunch tomorrow and I came across your awesome channel of ideas and food to make:) I'm going to make this for lunch:) 

  7. Alicia Stokes

    They will nay choke if they chow

  8. Great lunch ideas Rebecca!

  9. Simrah Wahabuddin

    the way she steps back after each video. AWESOMENESS

  10. I love watching your videos rebacca…full of entertainment, cheerfulness and love… your ideas regarding healthy lunches and delicious desserts…. you are such a great loving mom indeed…..its so wonderful to see your grown up kids still appreciating your hard work in preparing meals for them with love and care as you used to do when they were little as well……..its always great watching you cook cheerfully and with utmost joy……please keep making more wonderful videos, its awesome that I just came across your wonderful channel, u are beautiful Rebacca ……always keep smiling….May God Bless You….

  11. Jose C. Rodríguez

    Jajaja he is big I was thinking about a 5 year old boy xD good vid

  12. Nashaad Jama

    Wow what a great mom you are. I love the lunch containers what grocery store did u get them? I would love to buy one for my 3yr old

  13. Karolina Jasso

    He's big not little why do you make him food he's big not dumb

  14. Taylor Brown

    Wow I was surprised to see a big kid at the end. I expected to see a little preschooler with the way you packed his lunch! Lol! I would think a teenager would be kinda embarrassed to take a little lunch bag to school with his name on it and a cute drawing. Also does a big teen like him get full enough eating just one hot dog and some yogurt??

  15. Karen Barrera

    He's going to get full With I Hot dog In pieces lol

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