Healthy MultiGrain Roti / Paratha Recipe | मल्टीग्रेन रोटी | Weight Loss vegetarian Lunch Or Dinner

If you are looking to add some variety & more nutrition to your everyday roti, try adding different grain flours. This Multigrain Chapati / Roti Recipe incorporates 5 different grains to give a delicious and healthy flair to regular Roti.
Instead of buying multigrain atta from the store, I have mixed 4-5 kinds of attta. For this roti I have used a mix of Oats flour, whole wheat flour, Ragi ( Nachini or ginger millet) flour, besan ( Chana Atta) and Soy flour. This roti is packed with iron, protein, fibre and vitamins.You can find these flours at either your local Indian grocery store, Online or whole foods/bulk store.

Make this roti a little thick than the regular chapatti. Serve with a dollop of homemade butter (makkhan) and buttermilk.

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