Healthy Dinner Ideas!

Healthy Dinner Ideas!

Thumbs up if you’d like to see me do a healthy desserts video! PS don’t forget to ask me your questions for my Q&A vid below or on twitter/instagram @vasseurbeauty ✌ Watch next ⟹ DIY Fall Clothes


Healthy Breakfast Ideas:
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I did not invent these recipes- I’ve just been making and loving them for awhile and wanted to share a few of my favorites. Here are the links to the full original recipes!

Cilantro Lime Chicken and Rice 2:17

Foil Wrapped Salmon and Asparagus 4:17

Vegan Alfredo 5:44

Turkey Beans + Greens Stew 8:49

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  1. Can you substitute any other kind of nut for the cashews?

  2. thebushempress

    I love Jimbos!

  3. alternativedelusions

    I saw this forever ago this is the first video I found from you and I'm gonna make the chicken line stuff for dinner so u came back to it and let me say I love you you're so cute and positive I love it 

  4. Tania Saisani

    I tried the "Alfredo" and it tastes job at like Alfredo! It's so delicious!

  5. myra Longoria

    i agree not a lot of dinner ideas out there that are healthy thank you pleas more ideas.

  6. Marie Frauenstein

    By far my favourite video from you. So funny, entertaining and informative. I love asparagus! 

  7. Anne. Szmyhol

    New subbie!!

  8. please tell me you and your bf are still together :(

  9. emnaberraies

    i've read that heating olive oil is not healthy! i personally use corn oil and use olive oil after the meal is cooked for stronger flavor and benefits ;)

  10. Finally someone pretty who's not afraid to eat! You're a great role model!

  11. bellfitsu2013

    I love your personality!

  12. Nan Bollinger

    really liked the recipes.  can't wait to try them. thx.

  13. Umm….i hope im not the only one who ever tried this. But i microwaved my garlic cloves a little once to get the raw edge off. And it worked fairly well. Lol 

  14. Emma Malcolm

    Youre so funny!! Love this 

  15. Lol! "Dinner I got your back!" 😀 So true though, people don't do dinner videos!

  16. Alexis Pettway

    I have an obsession with garlic too!! #garlic4life

  17. Vera Sluijters

    Woww!! Supercool

  18. Katie Goldner

    I just came across your channel and you are hilarious! Subscribed fa sho :)

  19. You are so funny and pretty. 🙂 Thank you for sharing these wonderful recipes. I can't wait to try the vegan alfredo sauce 🙂 It looks so yummy.

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