Healthy DESSERT Recipes (simple sweets) // Rachel Aust

I LOVE FOOD, and even though I eat healthy I don’t believe you should deprive yourself of desserts, check these babies out.

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  1. This is awesome! I need to eat healthier but I'm addicted to sugar. Thank you for these recipes.

  2. Mm. Your meal prep videos make me hungry but this one made me salivate! Lol.
    Yum yum! I'll first try the ice cream then the mini pies! So yummy.

  3. can you please do more healthy desserts

  4. why did she add water to the other cupcake reservoirs? I don't bake so I'm clueless

  5. Dang that looks delicious!

  6. terribabe024

    You look like Natalie Dormer with black hair, I swear! 😊

  7. More videos like these please, btw.. You're petty af…

  8. I am going to make the ice cream

  9. Eline something

    The mini apple pies look so delicious! I'm definitely going to give them a try. Thanks for the video

  10. Sarangua Ganzorig

    Healthy ice cream!!! Yum. Can't wait to try this at home. Do you just come up with these ideas?

  11. Fabiola Batista

    Amazing!! I am going to try all of them. Please keep sharing recipes. 😊

  12. Hers and His Diy

    looks so yummy! love this

  13. Rakan Shahatit

    I love Skinny icecream

  14. Icecream smoothie video

  15. the ice-gream looked so simple and easy. definitely trying

  16. Hi Rachel, I love your videos and your blog too. You know I am of those people who work all day and haven't time to breathe, I really want to change my lifestyle but something always stops me, ME. Please do a video of how encouraged to start a healthy lifestyle from the very beggining and which work out we can do. Thank u you're a great inspiration and I admire a lot 🙂 greetings from a small city in Argentina

  17. I need to try those recipes!

  18. Julianne Perez

    I can't wait to try out the ice cream recipe and share with my family who eat ice cream everyday!!!

  19. Simply Newtral

    I'm totally going to try that skinny strawberry ice cream! I never thought it would be that easy! :)

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