Healthy Dessert Recipes for Spring/Summer!

Don’t those cookies look DELICIOUS?! Let me know which one of these dessert ideas is your favorite!
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Healthy After School Snacks!

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Frozen Yogurt:
1 cup of frozen fruits
1/2 a lemon
1/2 cup of Greek Yogurt
Agave to taste

Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn:
(Follow directions/measurements on the popcorn container for Kernels and Coconut Oil)
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1:2 ratio for Cinnamon/Sugar

Lemon Blueberry Yogurt Cookies:
Here is the recipe I found online!!

I hope you liked the video!! =)

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  1. how much sugar should I put in the cookies

  2. Omg I need to try those cookies and froyo these look soooo awesome

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    You deserve way more subscribers!!! Your videos are so good!

  4. Anthony Price

    And would you ever wear dreads? You would look good in them #askchloecori

  5. Anthony Price

    How do you manage your time during finals week to keep from getting that end of semester laziness? #askchloecori

  6. Joylyn Smith

    Hair tutorial pleaseeee (:  Are those Clip ins or is it a sew in in your hair? If clip ins where dd you get them from?

  7. Gosh these look amazing 😍 Great video too 

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    Favorite move?
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    Horror story in public?

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  10. Hi, I love you so much. I subbed to you. I just think you are awesome and so funny! BTW this video was posted on my birthday! YAY

  11. Joanne Mierzejewski

    I must try some of these!! yum

  12. want to have a cookie RIGHT NOW

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    -Are you going to see someone in concert soon?
    -Something to say about Bruce Jenner transformation?
    -Most attractive guy who is famous?

  14. Omg yum!

  15. Your videos just get better and better <3 And I love cinnamon sugar popcorn!

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    Do you have any sort of fitness routine? If so can you share it with us? 🙂 #AskChloeCori

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    thanks beautiful

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    What part of New York do u live in or have lived in?? BTW im going to New York in July, i would love to meet you😘 

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