(HD) RECIPE: Home Made Chinese Roasted Pork Belly 脆皮燒肉

(HD) RECIPE: Home Made Chinese Roasted Pork Belly 脆皮燒肉

(HD) RECIPE: Home Made Chinese Roasted Pork Belly 脆皮燒肉

** This was actually my very first attempt at this Roasted Pork Belly. I wasn’t going to film a video of it as I didn’t know if it would be a success or fail. Fortunately, it turned out quite nice. =) So, please excuse the crappy unprofessional filming ~.~”

If you find it is too difficult to prick the pork skin when the pork is raw, you could follow the steps in the video exactly, EXCEPT wait until you have removed the thick layer of course salt, prick the pork skin before you put it back into the oven for the very last step (skin popping and crackling). The skin becomes much easier to handle (pricking holes) when the piece of pork is cooked.

HEAR ME EAT (ASMR): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrpRG4OwxcA

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For every 1.2kg of Pork Belly:

1/2 tbsp Chinese cooking wine
3.5 tsp Salt ( for marinating )
2 tsp Sugar ( which I didn’t add )
1/2 tsp Five Spice Powder
1/3 tsp White Pepper Powder

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  1. Love this! Especially good in locations where you can't get this readily at local shops.

  2. That sound is so beautiful 

  3. Delicious
    Que rico 

  4. TheActivetutu

    MAHALO (thank you)….I added garlic powder to mines. I even left it in the Refridgerator over night with the seasoning on it. Just because of the time I had available. It was really hard finding the course salt (shocking for Hawaii) and it was expensive. So I had to use some Medium grain Hawaiian Salt (sea salt)… IT WAS A WINNER… We say "broke the mouth" "ONO" (delicious). Some people at party thought we bought it…. I'm going to visit my daughter & 3 grandaughters in Seattle soon and we are going to make it there…. PARTY TIME…lol

  5. That……looks (and sounds)…..beautiful!  Good job

  6. Ercie Legaspi

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  7. James leeson

    think i am going to go get some pork belly for teatime not had it in years.

  8. Cathy Leslie

    I made this twice already and it's always a big hit! Thakoon to so much for sharing!!!

  9. No Anime No Life (Andrew Tran)

    I made many times, sometimes a big part of skin will not get crispy, only gets hard, what is the reason, 70 percent time the skin is crispy. Also where do you buy that sharp stick to poke and what is it called? I used sharp knife, but I think I poked into the fat too much

  10. Paul Duffield

    I cook Roast Belly Pork qutie a bit at home. Numerous holes are very important to get the right crispy effect. It can be extremely difficult to prick the skin raw. Forks etc just don't do it. A real "pricker tool" works but I like the idea of doing it after partially cooking the meat first and will try that today in fact. The logic makes sense and it would be so much easier. 

    Another tip from me is to premix the seasoning before it goes on the red meat part.

    Also a key active ingredient in the traditional recipe is fermented red bean curd. Very hard to find in the Western world but chinese supermarket or mail order can provide it. It smells disgusting when opened and you only need about a teaspoon but the authentic taste it gives is unique and indescriably good!

    Occassionally but not always I stick in to the mix some crushed garlic and ginger but not essential it is just a variation.

    Finally not everyone can or wants to wait 48 hours for the fridge to dry out the skin. I found that dabbing the skin with good quality kitchen roll and keeping the temperature as high as possible can overcome the lack of drying time. If the top burns scrape it off until light brown appears again.

  11. Philippine Cuisine

    can this be done with any other meat? Like say beef? thank you +food4444lyfe™

  12. 008可夢偉

    Chinese people?

  13. Wikitoria Singleton

    Cooked up this recipe for the family dinner.  I did not have chinese rice wine so I used vinegar.  Had a problem pricking the pork, BUT, it was delicious and thoroughly enjoyed by all.  The "crackle" was the best I had every made!  Today I purchased metal skewers, with plans to buy rice wine.  So I cant wait for the next time!! Thank you very much xx

  14. Tan Boon Leong

    Many thanks for this recipe. Easy to cook and really tasty. Family members simply loved it.

  15. Jonathan Tumnob

    Can I use Turbo Broiler….coz I do not have any oven????

  16. R U a chick?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  17. Vincent Tamesis

    did it. yummy

  18. mariel cassie

    Is there anything that we can substitute with the wine?

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