(HD) RECIPE: Hainanese Chicken Rice 海南雞飯 ( with rice cooker )

(HD) RECIPE: Hainanese Chicken Rice 海南雞飯 ( with rice cooker )

Servings: 2-3

Ingredients for chicken:

– 985g chicken thighs (approx. 4 )
– 110g onion (1/2 a medium-sized)
– 2 stalks scallions
– 3 cloves crushed garlic
– 6 slices ginger
– 35g cilantro (optional)
– 1.5 tsp salt
– 3 cups water
– sesame oil ( for brushing )

Ingredients for rice:

– 1.5 cups rice
– 1-2g dried shallots
– olive oil
– 10g minced ginger
– 2 clove garlic ( minced )
– 1.5 – 2 cups chicken stock
– pinch of salt

Ingredients for ginger-scallion sauce:

– 15g minced ginger
– 1 clove garlic ( minced )
– 2 stalks scallions
– 2g salt
– 2 tsp olive oil


1.) Cut cucumbers into slices. Set aside.

2.) Place chopped up onion, 2 stalks green onions, 3 cloves of crushed garlic and cilantro in a pot. Add 3 cups of water. Bring to a rolling boil.

3.) Marinate the chicken thighs with 1.5 tsp of salt.

4.) Add the chicken thighs into the boiling water.

5.) Cover the pot and bring to a rolling boil over high heat. As soon as the water reaches a vigorous boil, reduce the heat to low and cook the chicken, covered, at a very slow boil for 5 minutes.

6.) Then remove the pot from the heat and let it stand, covered, until the chicken is no longer pink in the center, 25 to 35 minutes. (The exact time will depend on the size of the thighs.)

7.) When the chicken is done, remove it from the pot, using tongs or a slotted spoon. (Reserve the chicken stock in the pot for later use.) Put the chicken thighs under cold running water / iced-bath to cool.

8.) Debone the chicken thighs. (Save the bones for later use.) Cut the chicken into bite-size chunks. Brush the surface with some sesame oil. Set Aside.

9.) Bring the saved-up chicken stock back to a boil. Put the chicken bones back into the stock. Boil on HIGH heat until there’s at least 2 cups of stock left.

10.) Drain the stock. Discard all the bones and ingredients. Set the soup stock aside for later use.

11.) Wash 1.5 cups of rice. Drain well and set aside.

12.) Grate some ginger and 2 cloves of garlic.

13.) In a heated pan, add a little bit of olive oil. Add in the grated ginger and garlic.

14.) Add in the rice and the dried shallots. Stir-fry everything until fragrant.

15.) Transfer the rice to a rice cooker. Add 1.5 – 2 cups of chicken stock. Cook rice.

16.) In the meantime, prepare the ginger-scallion sauce.

17.) Grate 15g ginger and 1 clove garlic. Cut up scallions. Put them all in a small dish.

18.) Add 2g salt to the mixture.

19.) Heat up some olive oil.

20.) Pour the heated oil over the ginger,garlic,scallion and salt mixture. Mix well.

21.) Arrange the cucumber slices along the side of the plate of chicken.

22.) Ready to serve !! Enjoy !!! =)

NOTE : If you would like a nice bowl of chicken soup to accompany your chicken rice, you could use 5 cups of water ( instead of 3 ) to make your stock. Boil the stock down until you have at least 4 cups of liquid left ( Please refer to Step 9). Ladle off the top layer of fat/oil, right before you serve the chicken soup.

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  1. Good job! Thank you so much!

  2. Andrea Schwartz

    Made this yesterday, first time ever. It was easy to follow your instructions! My rice cooker only had the simplest settings (type of rice, and low and high) so it was fun to figure that part out, and I did. Thank you so much again, I'll look for and make your other recipes too!

  3. Fuck You YOUTUBE

    Back when I was in Malaysia Chicken Rice was my favorite thing now I'm really craving for it. Looks like I'm gonna try this soon.

  4. how long did it take for the rice cooker to come to a rolling boil?

  5. Ty I am trying this for dinner today :3 much love ! 

  6. I did it today! OMG the taste was amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  7. springorchid

    Hi there, did you give The Entertainment Daily permission to upload your video to their FB page? https://www.facebook.com/EntertainmentDaily/videos/vb.101699653268565/718304324941425/?type=3&theater. They did give you a credit line but it isn't standard attribution.

  8. viola .good job bravo

  9. Chhavy Sisowath

    l like ur video tutorial. I definitely will try ur recipe. it looks delicious

  10. Doyan Yekimgoska

    This is not the authentic Hainanese chicken rice.

  11. ceramic knife?

  12. That ambiguous piano melody was rather annoying but awesome recipe.

  13. prasenjit chaudhuri

    was the video incomplete? what to do with the spring onion, ginger and garlic mix mixed with hot oil at the end?

  14. RC FunTime (Mike)

    Great video. Wow a lot of work just for some steamed chicken! 

  15. OMG海南鸡饭那么难你也会做,好厉害!

  16. A very good presentation…thank you for sharing.

  17. Chicken rice’s Singaporean is more simply and the sauce just using ginger,chili and some lime to make a bit sour.
    Important is using many garlic and ginger

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