Guy Fieri's Guide To Three DELICIOUS Vegan Meals! | Food Network

Guy Fieri's Guide To Three DELICIOUS Vegan Meals! | Food Network

Check out some of the delicious vegan meals that Guy Fieri has tried on Diners Drive-Ins And Dives, and Guy’s Big Bites! Which do you think looks the tastiest?

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  1. Guy Fieri has to do a whole vegan series for all 50 states! Like Diners Drive-Ins and Dives but vegan style! Keep up the plant based promo! I love it

  2. mrsbrownsugarsweetz

    Food network….. hey 👋🏽 we need a vegan network?!?! Tabitha Brown definitely needs her own show. She and a costar has a show (YouTube) where they go around like guy showing us how to make our meals vegan at restaurants. She also has her own show (social media), showing us how to cook vegan, juice, and how to do it on a budget. Oh and she highlights small businesses as well. She would be perfect.

  3. mrsbrownsugarsweetz

    I never had Ethiopian food but I love her mother’s spirit, so I want to try it. Oh Guy I absolutely love u. I’ve never wanted to meet a celebrity but I definitely want to meet u.

  4. Calphurnious

    Why do you put that on top of the burrito instead of inside of it?

  5. More vegan DDD
    would be good, thanks Guy we enjoy watching DDD and GGG!

  6. I wish I had vegan/vegetarian places near where I live, but everyone here eats mostly meat and dairy…

  7. Jadorelestournesols

    I kept cringing at how he hovers over the people and overpowers them by explaining THEIR recipes!! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  8. Angela Duffoó

    I remember watching this last year and that was the moment when I ask myself: why not?

  9. hhahah hahahah 19

    i want

  10. sylenceexposed

    What’s funny is when he ate the turkey he didn’t say it was good and ignored commenting on the flavor

  11. Summer Tummer

    I strongly disagree that Food Network should feature "vegan" chefs. That is not appropriate, because the moment we cede to these so-called "chefs", it stops being an American channel. At a time when mass media is horribly liberalized, I watch only Food Network because it unapolegetically features the great traditions that have made our country special. Veganism originated from Communism. That's right, Chinese eat plants, and are trying to make the rest of the world follow their diets under the pretense of "political correctness". If Food Network starts featuring vegan dishes, it will immediately lose a viewer in me, and by god, I will be convincing every person I know to stop watching the channel.

  12. Shaylin Monk

    I’m a organic farmer. If you are vegan for ethical reasons let me inform you on something. When we harvest wheat, corn and many other crops. Our machines kill thousands of animals during each harvest. Rats, snakes, birds, raccoons and possums I have found dead inside my harvesting machines. You are killing many more animals by harvesting crops than meat.

  13. Bethany Daniels

    Nooooooooooooo thank you

  14. You can make anything delicious with a huge amount of sauce😂

  15. The Turkey sandwich is 100% carb and oil (without protein). The most unhealthy food to become sick. Veganism is the shortcut to become diabetic. Since ingredients are only starchy and carb, the price for sandwich should be less than $3 (US) because the net cost of the sandwich is less than $1.00.

  16. TheDivine Lena

    No soy !!!

  17. They say black don’t crack but this Guy don’t age!!!

  18. Cruelty Free

    Absolutely elated to see a pro meat food channel do a vegan show….now keep it going! No more chewing the decomposing flesh of tortured animals whilst making disgusting sounds.

  19. Anne Gratton

    We need the Herbivourus Butcher needs to come here in Atlanta!!

  20. ícҽís թհօҽղíx

    I stopped watching Guy YEAR'S ago after he ate …

    Drum ROLL..

    Foie Gras (it's an enlarged geese/ duck liver. The ducks are tortured by being forced fed to get their livers big it's DISTURBING).