Greek Lemon Chicken & Potatoes Recipe – How to Make Greek Lemon, Garlic & Herb Chicken and Potatoes

Learn how to make a Greek Lemon Chicken & Potatoes recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Greek Lemon Chicken & Potatoes video!


  1. Jessica Rabbit

    you're a legend!!!

  2. Lola Stclaire

    I'm salivating. ..look very delicious

  3. adella adella

    how many lemon can i use to prepare this chicken & potatoes dish

  4. Have made this every Sabbath meal since it was posted. Then place a few of the left over potatoes in a skillet with some of the sauce, to reheat and serve with my breakfast omelette.

  5. I love this guy's voice. LOL 
    and this looks so good!

  6. "The Greek philosopher Play-Doh…." #AmericanEnglish

  7. I made this tonight. I'm just saying, we're going to sleep like babies. Super delicious. Thanks chef! 

  8. Vanessa Watson

    Making this for dinner tonight!!

  9. Briege Burns

    I've tried this recipe several times now and it is always delicious. As an Irish woman I especially enjoy the potatoes, hahaha.  Thanks Chef John

  10. Delicious on my first try. Dat potatos are so amazing. My chicken didn't darken as beautifully as Chef John's, any correctional advice? Less liquid, higher temp?

  11. OccasionalGamer

    Made this for the family today and it was DELICIOUS. My chicken pieces were larger, so it took a little over and hour, and then I reduced the sauce, browned the drumsticks and crisped the potatoes by putting all under the broiler. The thighs were already nicely golden brown. We used bread to mop up the sauce, it was so good.

  12. ok i just finished making this.  i cheated a little and did not do the broiling step at the end.  doesn't matter, it's SO GOOD ahhhhh

  13. downunder diva

    Hiya John 🙂 In your recipe you say to use 1T salt, don't you mean 1t? 1T is rather excessive, and I don't want to make it too salty on the weekend. Thx, luvya!

  14. Garifalo Feggariou

    One of my favorite Greek dishes!!! Lemon Roast Chicken with Potatoes!
    Recipe in Video..

  15. Ravinder Singh Baddu

    And so FATTY!!!

  16. Just having this dish in the oven, and, while waiting – and drooling – I thought I look up "Chicken Greek". There it is! On Chef John's channel, of course.
    I am buying "Greek Seasoning" in our local BULK BARN, it is a mix with all the mentioned dried herbs, dried garlic, lemon zest and I guess more, never made the effort looking what else is in, but it smells and tastes yummy and original, have been on the Greek islands quite a few times. Plus I add a huge amount of chopped fresh garlic and the juice of half a lemon.
    It is one of my favourite chicken recipes. A variation with only rosemary (a lot dried and fresh), lemon and tons of garlic tastes also heavenly.

  17. I made it, but Didn't taste it yet because I'm fasting, but my brother just said "wow" he loved it.

  18. t1underground

    !!! I decided to make this recipe tonight for dinner and WOW, it was sooo delicious! The chicken skin was crispy with a hint of lemon and rosemary in the end, the meat is juicy and succulent and the potatoes were just the icing on the cake! Thank you so much for the recipe and the video!

  19. Jonathan Barbera

    It's really good with sweet potatoes!


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