Gordon Ramsay’s Top 5 Pork Recipes

Gordon Ramsay shows off his top 5 pork recipes.
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  1. Jacob Ramirez

    Olive ol

  2. Julian Flores

    Close your eyes at 18:20 and just listen

  3. I think he doesn't add enough salt to his food! It's always a pinch of salt.

  4. pls call 016-847-7xxx

  5. Quwackspere Jones

    Aw man, now I'm craving pork but it's 4 in the morning! You're a great chef!

  6. ralph licayan

    fuck this camera super zoom in shit! zoom in more, i still can hardly see!

  7. He always adds "for maximum taste" lol well of course it's for maximum taste or else you wouldn't do it

  8. Nice

  9. Has anyone ever tried this? I'm extremely curious.

  10. The best chef ever makes me nervous when you taste the food and don't give it to me.

  11. mohr cowbell

    @13:33 Heh

  12. Bushcraft Guy

    In Soviet Russia you don't use a knife to cut,knife uses you.

  13. This looks amazing man I don't want to just cook at home but I want to cook at home!😋😋😋

  14. brown beAR15

    Fire your editor those quick cuts and close in scenes are annoying

  15. We just watched him beat his meat @4:34

  16. بسمَه علي

    I don't even eat pork because it's haram in my religion but I watch the video because I love gordon ramsay 🌚💕

  17. Hey chef, Can i substitute pork loin for the pork leg in the first recipe? Thanks. It sounded like you said pork leg but i'm not sure. I'm wondering if theres enough fat in the loin

  18. Everything with pork is delicious😋😍

  19. Elizabeth Jefferson

    Mr Ramsey who taught you how to cook plz ?

  20. Avivit Finkelstein

    Whyyy am I watching this in the university's library, when I am hungry and can't eat in here?