Goan Special Pork Vindaloo

Goan Special Pork Vindaloo

Pork Vindaloo is one of the authentic Goan recipe, Its easy to cook and yummy.


  1. Anna Fernandes

    This is not at all Goan vindaloo its Mallu vindaloo

  2. I'm gonna report this video for not adding garlic

  3. snehlata soreng


  4. Cecil D'Souza

    I know how to cook but this is a dumb recipe with no details. How can you know to make Goan vindaloo when you are not goan. Asshole. Learn to first list ingredients.

  5. Julia Ningombam

    Too much oil..pork doesn't need oil for cooking

  6. I use an InstaPot electronic pressure cooker. How long is 8-10 whistles? The recipe looks awesone BTW.

  7. sentosa bureman

    Not vindaloo

  8. Aakash Rabbi

    Paratha ke saath ye mast lagega 😀

  9. Kumkum Sarkar


  10. Farouq Omaro

    Looks delicious

  11. kiratee saila


  12. What is this pork??? I don't know this ????

  13. Crystal Chia

    Eat pork 30year not pain the body.get stroke also light weight.not lies.im the guys.not eat pork like crazy person.this is wrong.

  14. Fighter Forever

    Looks so tasty 😋😋

  15. What is meant by pork

  16. I love it pigs meat

  17. humoni Gogoi


  18. Is this person a Goan or Mallu?

  19. Precilla Dsouza

    It was very good

  20. wait, why not put coriander immediately into paste?