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  1. Hi what sorta car do you drive it looks like a beast 

  2. Layla Rodriguez

    How much butter did you use for the cream of chicken? I need to know I'm making this tomorrow lol 

  3. Regina Ramirez

    Please tell me. You have a recipe book 

  4. deloris johnson

    I know this is weird but I want you to wipe the spill of the crockpot before you put the lid on.

  5. Meghan Marino

    I cannot find your playlist on Spotify… :(

  6. It seems like her boyfriend is
    Rude kinda cold and
    Like look at me im
    Hot sh** cares more about the camera than her. 

  7. I like how you showed the cute christmas candy (=

  8. Can I get the recipe for the chicken

  9. Does anyone know if she ever said the macro nutrition value of the chicken she made? Or could someone tell me how to figure it out

  10. try sleepytime tea! by celestial!

  11. MsJulianaMarie

    I made this chicken recipe today 🙂 The husband doesn't like creamy dishes so I was a little nervous about serving this but it was a hit!!! I did it stove top instead for an hour and a half on low and used the garlic and herb Mrs. Dash! Thanks for sharing 

  12. What did she put in the crockpot besides chicken and soup ? Where did you get the top you are wearing during the cooking segment:) 

  13. Do you eat dinner before you workout?

  14. Stephanie Blanco

    I've started watching your videos like few months ago and I just Love You Guys!!!!

  15. Who cares if her soup isn't healthy… Do you see how cut she is?! 

  16. Kristi Mueller

    Tazo calm tea is my favorite for night time to help me sleep.

  17. sabrina nelson

    I'm looking to get a new slow cooker. And they tons of sizes but I don't know what I would need. I was wondering what size yours is, is it like a 3 quart or 5 quart?

  18. Lmao my hubby "hangs up his coats" on the couch or kitchen chairs all the time! It get a Lil annoying sometimes especially after you just cleaned the house haha

  19. That was sweet what Matt said to Kayleigh about not only looking swole but cookin good. 🙂 I know I love it when my hubby says stuff like that to me.

  20. I know you guys get a lot of hate when you put what your eating on the vlogs, but please don't stop putting it in them I love to see what you guys eat and get ideas from it :)

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