Get Healthy With Me | Lunch Salads!

Get Healthy With Me | Lunch Salads!

REMEMBER, these salad dressings i made are more then one serving, so you wouldn’t eat it all at once. So the amount of olive oil and salt in the first one isn’t just one intake. It could last you at least three days 🙂
I hope you guys liked this 🙂 Let me know what healthy food ideas you want me to show you next!!
Love you all xx


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  1. Perfect ,healthy and yammiiiii

  2. Rachel Schneider

    Your quinoa salad and dressing is literally my favorite food

  3. Tess I'm sorry but that yellow looking oil is definetely NOT extra vergine olive oil. Please be aware that olive oil should look dark greenish. You can google it to see what I mean….

  4. Alejandra Yvonne Silva

    I'm loving all of your healthy cooking videos! Adding all of those ideas to my to do list!!! 

  5. definitely trying the first one!! yum

  6. Where do you live?

  7. Does anyone know if she used Chicken breasts (For the second salad)? They looked like it but I wasn't sure.

  8. Ali Rafatjah

    Nice job on the videos.  They look professionally made.  I really like the idea of the last salad the best!

  9. Sophia Plate

    Just so you know, spinach isn't half as good for you raw as it is cooked. Our family used to eat a ton of uncooked spinach because it was quick and easy, but a few nutritionists told us it doesn't help if it isn't cooked. I just thought I'd share…

  10. Ayie Alquiros

    Instead of eating rice i eat quinoa cause i am allergic to gluten so for those who want to loose weight eat it

  11. Thanks for your blurb at the beginning it is nice to know that you like fast food as well but are wanting to be healthier. You use a lot of fresh ingredients which is great. I try and eat healthy too but am lazy so eat a lot of packaged stuff. Breakfast is a peanut protein bar and a mocha. Lunch is a 18gram packet of chips, a small tin of fish and an apple, then dinner is meat and vege and often chocolate for dessert. I am diabetic so often over eat on snacks especially when my sugar levels are low :-(

  12. Jesus Deaquino

    I bet you have a good sex drive

  13. Maria Dorantes

    i think its great that you want to eat healthier. Just because someone is slim doesn't mean they can just go stuff their face with whatever they want. Its about being healthy with an occasion cheat day lol ;)

  14. Celina Sandoval

    I know this is an old video but you should use romain lettuce over iceberg because iceberg has no nutritional value at all and it's super hard for your stomach to digest /:

  15. Sahara Silver

    Yeah nice! Your channel is great and usufull!
    Love it!

  16. Caroline Yanagishita

    nice. nice.

  17. I'm the sort of person who doesn't care wtf I eat but I will not eat something unless it has a good flavour, I can see by your videos that you have very good flavour sense. And I would die to stay at your house for a week and see what you would make every meal. Your kids one day, if you have any, gonna be really healthy and happy <3 im a new subscriber and really really love your food videos! PLZ keep making them! 

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