Garlic Pork Recipe

Garlic Pork or Carne Vinha d’alhos has been part of the Pinhheiro family Christmas tradition for generations. Rose Mary Pinheiro Perkins shared her family recipe with Chef Barry Finbar Bartholomew which he tweaked over the years to come up with his own signature Garlic Pork recipe. This is definitely a “Finbar Favorite” that features secret ingredients which are NOT mentioned in this video 😀

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  2. Annmarie Buchholz

    I will be in Trinidad for a few days next month, do you have a restaurant?

  3. Annmarie Buchholz

    I have a question, is the pork tenderize during the marinating process? And how long does it take too steam and then fry?..I have never had garlic pork this looks like an epic dish..❤️🍴

  4. Kerby Stlouis

    That looks like our griyot dish from Haïti

  5. crystal beauty

    delicious food

  6. Alex and sky ROBLOX videos mostly royals high.

    I’m Guyanese-Portuguese and this is just how my family makes it, except for steaming the pork. Great job on the video, recipe, and explaining about the background of the dish.

  7. Great video. Quick tip: a photo with the meal plated could be a good idea

  8. Avion Bailey

    Thanks for the tutorial! I just made some following tour guidance but I used pork leg instead. Will cook it on Christmas night

  9. weckfurt daigre

    great choice

  10. Audrey Williams

    What cut of meat are you using?

  11. Audrey Williams

    I never had.. Must try.

  12. hyacinth pierre

    I love the smell of that first smell of garlic pork..I love the tradition. My daughter and son love it and this year I am introducing it to my grandchildren at Christmas. I remember my Uncle doing that to the hops bread and I do the pickled onion minus the hot peppers this week for Christmas.

  13. Chef Finbar appears to be a natural infront of the camera. It was of great ease and audible delight to hear him gracefully and eloquently speak through the steps of this dish, along with the input of the dish's history shared by the guest. His aura is very much humble and inviting with the touch of humor inbetween. Chemistry between both presenters👌. I enjoyed watching and listening to this food segment💃🍜😊

  14. gypsie palette

    Absolutely loved this video ❤️💯💯

  15. Cooking with Rishi

    great video

  16. I am all St.Lucian but boy I am drooling all on my keyboard. That's torture LOL

  17. Selveta Hyatt

    Bye same to you. ONE LOVE peace

  18. Patricia Aladin

    Wonderful tradition. Garlic pork and hops for Christmas yummy. Thanks for sharing the story behind this amazing dish. Happy holidays.

  19. Best work. Looks really special. 🔥🌟The two thumbs down is prolly from emotional vegans…

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