Furious World Tour | Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – Street Food, Best Restaurants & Favelas

Furious World Tour | Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – Street Food, Best Restaurants , Favelas, Olympics
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  1. zé do picadinho


  2. Vanderson Pinheiro

    eu vim aqui pra ver alguns gringo falando sobre esse vídeo, mas só achei brasileiro, vai tomar no cu

  3. Hummmm feijoada com caipirinha hahahahaha

  4. João Batista

    l'm am Brazilian peace Good food Brazilian 🇧🇷👏🤝👍✌️

  5. English Easy

    Que pais feio da porra só tem comida cachaça e putaria to fora

  6. stephany Araújo Gomes esther

    Passar no bar do davi quando for aí no rio

  7. cidade llinda maravilhosa de um povo super super hospitaleiro…. mas quem si anima a visitala ????????????

  8. Gostou do nosso país?

  9. El Feliciano

    Now with free visas I am worried about these single males going to Rio to mess around and do shit. Open your eyes Brazil. Ask them if they really brought cash to spend. There are a lot of pieces of shit in America too. Some are pedophiles, rapists, etc.

  10. 12:56 Brazil <3

  11. Abimael Breno

    O cara zoou teu cabelo kkkkkk

  12. Bro come to Bangladesh, see my country, i thinking you come to my country, you must be like my city

  13. Can you come to India

  14. new subscriber😊

  15. Mano como alguém se diverte vindo pro Rio? Kkkkkkkkk

  16. Rexxxpeitas noix carioca

  17. A'm from brazil

  18. Luiz Fernando

    A gordinha ficou doida pra dar a esfiha pro cara

  19. This is BRAZIL

  20. nyco nycorex

    So,you went to the beautiful Brazil and did a shit lousy job.Pls,dump your garbage team and make some good staff with good food and beautiful places.Jesus man,you are rude everywhere you go and you have an absolute shit team!You should learn from a pro how you should take advantage of your amazing skill and the beauty of each country you go. Pls,stop acting like a rednex!