Fried Pork Belly Recipe – How To Make Colombian Chicharrón – SyS


In this video we’ll make crunchy and delicious Colombian pork belly. The perfect side dish to serve with rice, beans and Colombian arepas.

Versión en español:

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  1. Drake Santiago

    I just came from a local Columbian restaurant and I had this. Wow! I have never had a more pleasurable sensation in my mouth. It had a mild salty flavor, with a nice crisp on the outside, and semi-soft center that melted in your mouth. I was in deep fried fat heaven.

  2. Wilderness Rocks


  3. Cris Workizer

    Diana,Iam making your pork belly recipe this weekend cant wait,already hungry for it .should I only keep the baking soda on for  an hour or can it go longer as I prep all the side dishes ?? Thanks

  4. Just made this for lunch today. It was great! Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

  5. Wow, the video is very well made. It is so easy to understand the whole process and all the images are beautiful. Excellent lighting. Boiling and frying in the same pan is a perfect cooking method! I don't understand why this method isn't used with stewing cuts of beef. Great video! :)

  6. TheSquishyMonster

    I often cook my bacon like this but you've really taken this to an epic level with your Colombian style pork belly.  This needs to be in MY belly!! =O

  7. Cocina Curativa

    AMo este canal. en inglés,  felicidades…..

  8. Cris Workizer

    Diana,that pork belly looked awesome. I love that stuff.its really good in refried beans with green chili.makes a  nice burrito. great job

  9. Vincenzos Plate

    Looks delicious and very easy to make. I actually was thinking about pork belly today. This will definitely be my dinner sometime this week

  10. One Kitchen - A Thousand Ideas

    Yum!!!! My brother could kill for 50 of those haha. He just love pork belly. They look so good!

  11. Lyndsay “The Kitchen Witch” Wells, The Kitchen Witch

    Diana, i've never made pork belly and your final shot makes me want to try. Wow! I really enjoyed this video and the differing opinion as to how best to cook it.

  12. Jessica Anquilo (CinnamonRawr)

    Waaa.. this is so evil! I just lessen my meat intake these past few weeks and this makes me want to eat meat 😢 😢

  13. Love this…I was always curious how the Colombians in my favorite restaurant made this..can't wait to try it!!great video!!

  14. James Strange

    The skin looks perfect!

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