Fish Piccata Recipe – by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 133

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  1. So very good thank you

  2. Jannet Shilongo

    Hi Laura. Can you please share with us how to roast a whole fish in the oven. I have tried it and it hasn't worked out. thanks.. loving you all the way from Namibia.. :-)

  3. XxzDiamondManiaczxX badman
  4. Yewande Fagade

    nice one!

  5. Geraldine Schinzel

    Your chicken and potatoes dish turned out amazing now I'm going to try this recipe only I'm going to use whitefish. 

  6. you are cute and passionate about your recipes  Rocking !!! combination 

  7. shruthi tapse

    This recipe always turns out delicious and its sooooo simple to make…..Lovely recipe!!!

  8. A little heavy on the eyelids and brows!

  9. Mark Dufresne

    I am going to be polite and simply say there are better resources here on youtube if you are actually seeking proper piccata.

  10. Tretobia James

    I served this dish to myself,today. It was a wonderful dish. I have never input Capers with my dish. The Capers had given the dish a great flavor.

  11. Rafael Uribe

    Can I have sex with you? 

  12. What are those black seeds she added? 

  13. Adriane Cole

    Just made this with bassa filet … absolutely delicious! Thank you Laura for another great recipe ! ! 

  14. What if I don't want to use wine?? what should I use as a replacement??

  15. I did this dish and it was delicious!!! thanks Laura

  16. Lauren this is excellent

  17. Danyal Khawaja

    can i use snapper fillets?

  18. antwane futrell

    will dark wine ruin the dish?

  19. jennifer fernandez

    I love fish and vegetable and this is veryvhealth

  20. How can I incorporate tomatoes into this dish? Would I cook them with the fish and then add the wine? 

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