Fish Fry – South Indian Recipe – CookingWithAlia – Episode 358

You can not think of South Indian cuisine without thinking of fish recipe! The most popular (and delicious!) is the fish fry, a crispy and spicy version of fried fish. YUM!!!
INGREDIENTS: 4 medium-thick slices of Seer fish (or any fish of your choice)
1 cup semolina
Vegetable oil for frying
Masala ingredients:
2 teaspoons ground chili
1/2 teaspoon ground turmeric
2 tablespoons ground coriander
1-2 teaspoon salt (depending on the fish used)
1 tablespoon water


  1. These motherfuckers think that they gonna get stronger by eating fish, he'll naw, ghee is a better Protein source

  2. Video is nice & clear, thanks for posting

  3. donald carnley

    Can i bury my face in this dish ?

  4. TameTusker Silly

    That is an interesting duo- Mother-in-law and daughter in law ,,,Indian/Moroccan duo!!!:):):)


    Please bye new tawa…………….

  6. Smita Acharya

    Wow Alia, you are married to an Indian; that's good to know. And you look very pretty in the saree and bindi :)

  7. Mohammed Aamer Hussain

    I am sure this biryan will Rock

  8. Can anyone tell me what she apply to fry the fish.she cnt speak clearly.
    Is it sujji???

  9. farida sayah

    She always say YUM !!!!!!! Lol

  10. Rameshwari C

    You can try smearing the fish pieces with olive oil and FISH MASALA that is available at the Indian grocery stores. I usually do it like that.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful recipes  with us and also your mother in law is pretty. I have been enjoying all your presentation from Saudi Arabia, Morocco , India  and so on

  12. chicagogurnee

    What's next ? Butter chicken

  13. Karima Benlakhdar

    Fish Fry – South Indian Recipe:

  14. Yasmin Vajirwala

    Yummy. ……..

  15. manjusharron

    U r married to Indian…great.looking awesome in sari

  16. priyankrao84

    Hi Alia, you have no idea how much I am enjoying your episodes with your mother in law. She is so charming and I love her recipes. I am from Mangalore too so I can relate to all the recipes she is teaching. More of the mother-in-law recipes please! :)

  17. I am pretty damn sure that my wife will let marry an Indian second wife so i can have a mother in law who will cook us. Indian meals that everyone will enjoy.

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