Fastest Potato Salad Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 898

Fastest Potato Salad Recipe - Laura Vitale - Laura in the Kitchen Episode 898

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  1. Empyrium Doom

    My friend Abdulrahman added tomato too

  2. aida baccarin

    simple great idea for 2night,,,thanks!!!!

  3. The only time where I eat potato is when it's fried..

  4. Slavica Tricarico

    I just watched your poato salad video with lemon and olive oil vinigarete.I love it that way. My very favorite potato salad is with tuna fish, sliced red onion olive oil and vinager. Salt and pepper to taste mix it all together for me its the best salad to have for lunch or dinner. With a green salad some crusty bread im in heaven.
    I love your cooking shows.I had tried many recepies and enjoyed them very much, catch you on You tube love all your recepies.

  5. This is how we ate potato salad in the middle east. It was always prepared this way, until we came to America. Thanks for sharing and bringing back memories.

  6. Vanessa Dang

    My mouth is watering 😆😻

  7. moonlight16178

    I made these, and they taste amazing! Thank you Laura <3

  8. I make this but i always put bacon in it

  9. Starry Eunice

    This is nostalgic! When I was in boarding school and the canteen was closed, I made this for everyone! We enjoyed them a lot!

  10. josephine Richards

    My mother made something similar. No lemon no garlic. It was Potatoes, EVOO, fresh spearmint, salt & pepper. Delicious.
    She called it Italian style potato salad. I make it all the time. I might try adding the garlic the next time I make it.

  11. Abra Cadabra

    These are lemon potatoes not potato salad

  12. JacklynnTueSongs2015

    My mom made this for me when I was little but except for parsley she used cilantro because she knows I LOVE cilantro so much but now since I tried this recipe I would put in half parsley half cilantro because I love both now I can't help it

  13. Jessica Marchione

    My Nonna & Mother always make this, but we put in some string beans and my nonna uses vinegar but OMG! So many memories came back to me from Nonnas kitchen! ❤️ much love!

  14. Chris Nettles

    I ate that when I grew up 

  15. princess-Pisces Adelyn

    I actually grew up eating this. My mom makes it a lot. The only thing different is that she does it mashed. And for Me, that's so good.

  16. Iwould add a Mexican style tuna with it and it will be soooo delicious 😋

  17. karin hudson

    Needed a no mayo potato salad. Trying this tonight, i'm sure it will be great. Love your recipes, love you.

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