Espetus Brazilian Steak House San Francisco

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Espetus Brazilian Steak House San Francisco

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  1. Eu assistindo isso e comendo maçã…que tortura, amanhã eu vou numa churrascaria!

  2. Excelente vídeo!
    Não existe no Brasil, camarão assim no espeto, mas é uma experiência boa!
    Coração de frango, é uma maravilha!
    A picanha é a rainha do churrasco!

  3. Leonardo Junior

    Não tenho nem ideia de como vim parar aqui, Salve Brasileiros !!

  4. Sostenes Mendoza



  6. matheus alves

    Brazilians don't speak spanish… it's portuguese and it's very differently hahaha

  7. Junior Oliveira

    or your videos pumping to the extreme? do more things related to Brazil, especially the culinary!

  8. Junior Oliveira

    Ate que enfim!

  9. gross utopia

    Jeez the man said he wanted 2 eggs 🥚 and you told him NO. U walked him almost to death let the man eat bro. Ps now I’m hungry 😂

  10. When I go to rodizio here in Brazil: first I take a little salad, very few things indeed, only green leaves and stuff. Just forget fancing it.Then I wait for the meat… The salad will help digest the huge amount of meat later…

  11. Que dor no coração, passando pão de queijo em molho kkkkk

  12. Lelo Nandinha

    I'm from Brazil, brothers

  13. Aconcagua 2019

    muito legal o video, parabens a todos
    mas camarao numa churrascaria?
    faltou o sushi de morango xD

  14. Julio Camargo

    Wow Man, next time go to a steak house called "Fogo de chão" that is one of the best in Brazil. You will not regret. Spetus is a 2nd line here. Good luck.

  15. Edwin, you always seem so bossy with your buddy. Telling him what foods to eat and how much. But it's your videos so…anyway, have a good time.

  16. Where is the subtitle in Portuguese?

  17. Marcos Paulo


  18. Paulo Roberto


  19. Erica Oliveira

    Salutes from Brazil. Let me tell you some details about our steakhouses:

    – The salad bar is a trick for you to eat less meat. My advice, pass the salad bar and go right for the meat.
    – The sequence of the complement food the waiter brought to you guys is: fried bananas, fried polenta (the yellow stick) and those balls was cheesebread.
    – If you guys go in others steakhouse, you should try Guaraná Antártica. It's our national symbol of sodas. Don't drink Coke! Drink Guaraná Antártica!!! The Brazilian food experience gets better.
    – Eat the pineapples after you eat all meats. Because pineapple helps in your digestion.
    – As a Brazilian this restaurant is expensive. They charged you more than $100 bucks for two people. I think it's not fair with you guys.
    – Chicken heart is life!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    You got a fan! Stay cool man!

  20. brob moonchild

    brazillian steakhouses are fricking delicious