Egg Salad Sandwiches Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 752

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  1. Laura you are the best!

  2. April IrishRose

    Granite garlic, dijon mustard, high quality mayonnaise, chives 

  3. April IrishRose

    Chives, dijon mustard, high quality mayonnaise, 

  4. Puke. Egg salad stinks… Like actually stinks!

  5. Why are you using the plate to cut the eggs…………. Stop

  6. Tactics Network

    My goodness, this was my favourite sandwich growing up!

  7. Sophia Sawyer

    What is granulated garlic ? 

  8. annabelle2ful

    Looks great.

  9. Can i leave out the Dijon mustard? 

  10. Hourglass Almeera

    Can you show us how to make a really nice pasta salad?

  11. You absolutely knock your videos out of the park, Laura…well done!!

  12. avinash pandey

    i love the way you say Boil

  13. Carl Hammill

    man that girl really loads up that sandwich. looks good

  14. What would you use if you wanted to replace the mayo?

  15. Please do a video on how to make tuna sandwich🐡

  16. Brandon Morton

    CODE RED TO ALL BLACKS: Do Not I repeat, do NOT put Dijon Mustard in the egg salad….. It ruins the taste!!

  17. Hey I know you I sell your husband pot he always buys an ounce every month. I didn't know you had a YouTube channel tell him I said hi!

  18. the music?

  19. Cheyanne Jones

    I tried this recipe a couple of days ago and this is by far the most amazing egg salad I ever tasted….thank u so much for this recipe….you are such an amazing cook<3 …..

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