Eating Brazilian Food Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Eating Breakfast lunch and dinner in Brazil! #visitbrasil #visitsaopaulo

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  1. Follow along at our instagram 😘

  2. You guys say everything wrong. Lol.

  3. Churrasco !!!! Tá faltando experimentar o Churrasco

  4. You've got to visit "Lençois Maranhenses" I assure you that's wonderful! It's really one of a kind! You guys won't regret 😉 btw, Sao Paulo is my fave city in Brazil !!! So glad that you are having a great time over there. God bless and keep you 😊XOXO 😘

  5. Rodrigo Von Kluge

    True and legitimate cheese bread is made in Minas Gerais

    There is no other like cheese Canastra

  6. What most people don't know is that São Paulo has the largest concentration of Italians outside of Italy. (60% of the people living in São Paulo have Italian blood and there's currently 12 milion people living in São Paulo, you do the math.)

    So you should definitely go to São Paulo to get Pizza! And sushi, and arab food, because São Paulo is also the place with highest concentration of Japanese and Middle-Eastern immigrants. Crazy huh?

  7. Cool video! FYO Sao Paulo has the largest italian population out of Italy. Pizza is a must over there. Have fun!

  8. OMG, Bonito is wonderful. That's the best place in Mato Grosso do Sul (the state). You must come to the capital and visit the Morro do Ernesto aswell, you will love it.

  9. Great video! Brazil looks amazing and so does the food!! 😋👍🏻😎

  10. Felipe Di Oliveira

    Será que só eu, que essa essa mano parecido com o loki.

  11. Por Onde Andei

    São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Bonito. What a great choice guys!

  12. Rafael Marques

    I´ve Started to watch your videos from Brazil last night and they´re really good! Keep the good work and enjoy Brazil!

  13. Enjoying all of your videos!! Great to see your experience in Brazil!!

  14. You have to eat coxinha that's like a huge popular food in Brazil and you also have to drink guaraná.

  15. I really like this girl, she is very very friendly and positive. Have a nice stay here in brazil for you bouth!

  16. You guys are so fun to watch!
    I found your channel because youtube kept recommending one of your videos and I had to watch it haha
    You got another subscriber here!
    Enjoy my hometown, I freaking miss it there.
    I’m definitely going to keep up on your adventures in Brazil!

  17. Are you coming to Foz do Iguaçu?🏞️

  18. Where Tv. Alonso and R. Aspicuelte meet, there is a great bakery!!!

  19. Eudes Carvalho

    Carne de sol = Sun dried meat
    Banana da terra grelhada = u got it right, the last word grelhada means grilled.

    That yellow sand that come as a side it's called farofa, it's made from a root called mandioca or macaxeira u can google it, Farofa it's a variation of farinha, that is white, farofa is farinha + butter, u can put some onions , maybe banana in little pieces. And probably there is a lot of errors in my english here, but I apologize, not my mother language.

    Beans with farofa and bacon it's more like "Feijão tropeiro" or "Feijão com farofa" depends of the region of the country, but it's not farofa, farofa it's the "yellow sand"

    U should try Feijoada sometime.

  20. Karen Claudino

    Its just so cute when they try to say the words in portuguese! hahaha Good job, guys 🙂 Hope you're enjoying Brazil so far