Easy Shahi Tukda Tukra शाही टुकड़ा | Kunal Kapur Royal Dessert Recipes | North Indian Food | Kapoor

Shahi Tukda is a dessert made of bread & reduced milk along with nuts, which can be flavoured with saffron, cardamom & kewra. This is the authentic & correct way of making #ShahiTukda where bread &
milk are cooked together. It is a one pan and once cooled and set the shahi tukda is scooped out and served. There is absolutely no need to prepare rabri separately making this recipe very simple to make at home.
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  1. U made my life easy. I always wamted to make this. Easy recipe that's cald Masterchef

  2. Shivjinder Punny

    Kunal yaar u make this thing very easy love it


    wow wow so yummy & delicious reicpe

  4. You are a big brother that i can't have.

  5. priyanka patel

    Hey Kunal, I like fresh Khoya but here in my city can’t get khoya … can we make at home … just let you know full cream milk is 4 fat 🤨🤨 .
    Will wait for your answer ☺️

  6. Smriti Patwardhan

    Sir can u tell exact quantity of ingredients like how much khoya…….bread pieces…….

  7. Sowumwa Mekala

    Don't know how does your recipe taste But Doesn't match with Hyderabadi Zaaaika(flavor)
    Its Aunthetic after all.
    Nice try anyway.

  8. Mansi Madaan

    Nice 😄

  9. Gayathri Venkat

    Super sir…
    Can you please let us know which company's kadai or pan is good.
    Also let us know types of pan that is available.



  11. Mohit Chordiya

    Sugar kon dalega

  12. Awesome

  13. Chef….i need to ask u wen people n ofcourse chefs all across d world r going vegan…y its only in India chefs r so ignorant????

  14. Amruta Deore

    Kya baat hai superb

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  16. Sugar add ny krege?

  17. Nazra Khatun

    I love this new recipe of sahi tukra…. I will definitely try…..



  19. I was never been able to follow any recipe because I am terrible at cooking but you made it damn easy for people like me. Even complex recipes seems so easy here and I cooked a few and they turned out well.

  20. Lady saprrow