Easy Quick Recipes by Gordon Ramsay

Easy Quick Recipes by Gordon Ramsay

Sublime Scrambled Egg Recipe —- http://naturalfemina.com/2013/09/11/gordon-ramsays-sublime-scrambled-eggs/

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  1. Caelidh Goode

    hmmm he constantly stirs his eggs.. I guess to get that creamy consistancy .

    I am going to try this.

  2. Brandon Yong

    what kind of salt is he using?

  3. I tried cooking this. almost all the eggs sticked to the pan so im left with 1/2 a small plate of eggs 🙁 (I used two eggs)

  4. James Stevens

    Notice how subtle he mentioned 'overnight' when talking about how long the tomatoes take! Lol

  5. Graphic Society

    Easy quick but 30min ?!

  6. 90secondsrecipe

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  7. writereducator

    Try scrambled eggs this way. You won't believe how good they are.

  8. spacemangoes

    240p we meet again

  9. brashearbeer

    This is so much better then the made for tv drama of him running around yelling and screaming all the time ie. Hells Kitchen + Kitchen Nightmares.

  10. Billy Campbell

    chef ramsey is the best i wish i could cook with or for him some day i would also love to try his good food
    and be on hells kitchen

  11. Too complicated 

  12. Punthep Punthong

    Started salivating unconciously while watching……

  13. Jasmine Chen

    Take a look at this video on

  14. melissa hall

    looking good..

  15. Greg McAusland

    I love these recipes.

  16. And give it to her in bed. The breakfast. LMAO

  17. Nonja Buisniss

    Watching the broccoli soup bit, I swear I could literally smell the cooked broccoli as he was poring it out of the pot into the colander… Amazing. Want some broccoli soup right this instant.

  18. did Ramsay just burn something? lol thought ide never see the day that man made a mistake. its Ok, Still my favorite chef!

  19. That fucking salt encased pineapple look delicious. That liberal salt crust would have Ghandi proud. 

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