Easy Dinner Recipes for Kids: How to Make Spaghetti Pie – Weelicious

Easy Dinner Recipes for Kids: How to Make Spaghetti Pie – Weelicious:

Weelicious Tomato Sauce:

Sometimes when I’m trying to come up with new recipe ideas, I try to think of two foods I know my kids love and then build a dish around it. I’ve discovered that if I make meals that take the form of a muffin, cake, cookie or pie, my guys are instantly intrigued. This was the birth of Spaghetti Pie! Did your kids love this one as much as mine did? Post a comment below!

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  1. looks very tasty, can you make a video on cake too

  2. looks delicious I started to drible

  3. Roshani Padmakumara

    its look good

  4. Arshia Shaikhali

    can u teach to make lasagna and pasta

  5. Arshia Shaikhali


  6. Cezabear “Cezabearx” X

    "You could make it vegan by using ground … something else." No you couldn't, it has eggs and cheese in it! Happily none of my family are vegan any more, so I'm off to buy ricotta cheese and make this tonight.

  7. Gary Kleisley

    kind of like my recipe for Baked Spaghetti but just round instead of 13×9 pan. Going to make this weekend

  8. maria garcia

    Me and my kids made it today and we loved it! Not only was it delicious, but fun to make with the kids. Thank you for the awesome recipe!

  9. Nayla snowwhite

    I love it unfortunately parmesan cheese is very expensive in my country,10 dollars for 100 gr,and ricotta cheese doesn't exist at all,i wish if i can taste it,i will try this recipe with gruyère and mozaa,thank you so much,i love your channel.

  10. looks amazing, going to by ricotta cheese tomorrow and i'll make it for dinner:)

  11. Serena Danieli

    So it like lasagna without the herbs

  12. ammaarah adams

    I will try it out 

  13. Kate Mosqueda

    its a yummy and easy to make thank  you for the video i have a new recipe now

  14. sebastian ley

    your so smart the smartes person I know hope you get more followers

  15. Your channel is the best! I love being in my kitchen but im a terrible cook so you videos are going to be a huge help.

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