Easy Chinese (Char Siu) BBQ Pork Recipe ♥ 6 Ingredient Marinade

When you crave the Chinese BBQ Pork hanging in the BBQ shops in Chinatown, now you can make it easily at home. With only 6 ingredients for the marinade, it makes a nice main dish for a family style meal, or even for an upcoming holiday potluck. ♥ Subscribe for more of Angel’s videos → http://bit.ly/1HbtZaI (continued . . . )

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  1. Marry me!! 😍

  2. Gen-hong Liu

    Next video can you show us how to make a prison burrito pleeeease?

  3. 很好吃!Delicious!

  4. FOODOT 푸닷

    very nice BBQ, thanks for sharing^^

  5. I’m making this instead of using the jar sauce for my Chinese wife!

  6. Cristine Chiam

    OMG….Your char siew meat is so yummy!!!

  7. Andrew Perash

    You ARE appreciated!

  8. Victoria Chang

    My husband's favorite recipe! Your channel is the first that I've learned from when it comes to cooking Chinese & Taiwanese style cooking! He's LOVED the recipes I've made that you taught. Please do more main course/ daily recipes! We always have rice but idk what to do w any meats & fish!!

  9. Michael Muirhead

    Oh, and BTW, Angel… slicing it with that santoku looks pretty and all… but a pound of Char Siu is really supposed to be cleaver-hacked into perfect pieces with deadly accuracy in 5 or 6 seconds. Watching that sort of knife-work is one of the bonuses of Chinatown shopping! 😀

  10. Michael Muirhead

    Thank you HUGE for this, Angel! (I've been absent even longer than you have… no harm, no foul)

    I've DONE Char Siu pork almost exactly this way for more than 20 years (a little more honey and less Soy Sauce Glaze… because the glaze is quite sweet but REALLY salty, and Char Siu must have enough honey). I very rarely buy the stuff in Chinatown anymore (I doubt I and a few others make a dent in Chinatown's trade here in Vancouver)… because I can do as well or better here at home if I care to spend a bit of prep time.

    Butt or other sorta-fatty shoulder/neck cuts are always great for this and so simple. Once in a long while, I start it with whole pork tenderloins and just plunk some fat on top (always keep trim from chops handy!) then the last bit of sauce as it goes into the oven. The result is so tender, but it absolutely does need the extra fat to keep it happy while it cooks, or the result is NOT the luxury it should be.

    Cheers, Angel… and keep on cookin'. 🙂

  11. wwiinnggnnuutt

    Mmmm…. That looks delicious. 😍


    Is it possible to make without the soy sauce glaze? Maybe adding a little more soy sauce and honey?

  13. Lisa Castano

    One of my favorite things to make. I got my recipe from the best place to get it in the town I grew up in.

  14. Yummy

  15. Hello Angel 👋😇 😘 glad to see you back again! Hope you're doing well, and we miss you so much ♥️♥️♥️

  16. We have not seen you, for a while. Will make this easy recipe tonight and surprise the wife. I can do it !!!

  17. Suggestion: Place zip bag in a bowl before storing in the refrigerator to prevent leakage.

  18. Kind of Cooking - Sous Vide, Recipes, and More

    Awesome!! One of my favorite things to make! Just did 6lbs this weekend 🙂 brings back lots of childhood memories. I go the sous vide route though. Check ours out if you ever get the chance.

  19. Michael Winslow

    You are so FULL of energy, I love it!! Thanks for sharing, great to see you again