Doi Maach – Fish with Yogurt Gravy – Bengali Cuisine Indian Recipe

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  1. Rajni Soharu Pradhan

    Very good recipe. It turned out very well. Thank you.

  2. shubham saxena

    thanx mam to u for shere recipe

  3. thank u mam for shere this

  4. Goutam Sengupta

    very nice to see that you guys have respected the authentic recipe because this is a classic, one thing though, leave the cardamoms in their pods. Just crush it a bit to release their oil. That way when you fry then with the masala, the outer casing of the pod protects the cardamoms from burning.

  5. Could you tell me where to find a spatula like yours? I have been looking for that specific, silicone top, steel handle, angled spatula for ages, and can't find one! I'd really appreciate it!!

  6. Please teach me how to cook Fish with cauliflower and Potato

  7. Pleas teach me How to cook veg with shrimp. 

  8. Rajeeb Satyal

    Thanks, I tried the same thing and got a very tasty fish curry that I and my wife enjoyed. To intensify the taste, I used fish cube/sauce instead of salt and garnished with small pieces of lemons. Came out wonderful. Thanks. 

  9. Debashis Banerjee

    I am surprised that being Gujjus you eat fish !!

  10. Debashis Banerjee

    You missed out on the Garlic Part (either minced or paste). The color should haven yellowish red. Otherwise it is good.

  11. Also did I hear you guys say in another video you are in TX ? Me, Wichita Falls. Also known as the cultural center of North Texas. Drop in for drinks anytime !!

  12. You are talking more than demonstration. 

  13. Your recipes are surprisingly simple and good. I had my doubts whatever they would be  'INDIAN', but now I always check your recipes! Thanks :)

  14. ThePearlshine

    How many years you have been staying in US.. I asked so bcos musturd oil is been used in 70% of didhes all over over india not just bengalis


  16. Nabin Bairagi

    I think, water was too much. :)

  17. hi! thanks for the lovely recipe!
    i really like the wok (red) you are using, it would be perfect for curry dishes. where did you buy it? 

  18. My dish would have turned out even better if i had Hetal to assist me….ha ha ha..

  19. semanti ramkumar

    Soulhang…I'm sure ur soul hanged….where r u from? r u sure u belong to this planet called Earth? or r u from Mars? wherever u r from …it sure is a sad place with uneducated ill informed people…no wonder u r like this!

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