Dinner Recipe: Spring Pasta by CookingForBimbos.com

Dinner Recipe: Spring Pasta by CookingForBimbos.com

Fresh Spring veggies are all you need for this light and healthy pasta! It’s quick and easy to make. This will be a go-to pasta for any night of the week! Make sure to check back every week for new delicious recipes and videos! For complete recipe go to http://www.cookingforbimbos.com!


  1. Delicious, would you post the recipe on tajinny.com :)

  2. Dirk Stabins

    I love the colors, simplicity and how quick it is to make. Great recipe and perfect for the warmer weather. I'll take a nice big serving and a huge glass of wine!

  3. Wow !!!
    I love this recipe
    It look delecious …yum ,yum 

  4. Anna Nicole Vlogs


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