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Chicken and Mushroom Casserole (aka Chicken Gloria)
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  1. I just made this its in the oven right now thanks for the recipe 

  2. Salma abdul samad

    its amazing.,,

  3. Meghan Carlson

    i cant wait to make this tonight i am a horrible cook so this i think is going to be a great surprise for my family.

  4. Marsha Wallace

    Hi Natasha! Thank you so much for this recipe. I made it tonight for dinner and it was a hit! I don't eat dairy so I used a mix of chicken broth and almond milk. I also added shredded brussel sprouts. Fanastic! Thanks again!

  5. Adrian Alcantar

    No noodles…I'm so sure…

  6. Thank you Natasha will try it and let you know what the outcome is ,

  7. Saurav Prakash

    Is that a baby bump?
    "Explains the glow on your face"
    Too good! 

  8. Mofolorunso Adeoshun

    I just made this Chicken casserole. It was sooted. Thank you.

  9. Lesli Garibaldi

    What can i use instead of mushrooms? Or just dont add mushrooms? 

  10. Janice Brillinger

    Looks sooooooooooooooo good!

  11. Chicken i meant,helps if you can spell what you are going to cook aaarrgh!!!!

  12. Roody Aljamal

    New subscriber ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ur soooo cuute 

  13. Thank you so much for the recipe can't wait to try it out.. God bless you and you family

  14. Mom's Dish Vlogs

    I have tried this at a baby shower. Darn it was good. Btw, most of the food at the shower was from your blog. It was all really good!

  15. Sharon La Tour

    Mama Natasha and Baby are hungry! 🙂 Looks really good, I'm going to make this!
     I'm so happy for your expected baby! You are even more beautiful!

  16. i made this dish and it was a big hit with the hubby and my siblings. thank you so much for such yummy and simple recipes

  17. Kirsten Hooper

    Hi Natasha – what is half and half?  I am not sure if half full cream and half milk?  can I just use cream?
    thanks for your videos.. cant wait to try.  Ric

  18. Teresita Augustine

    Tash, this certainly looks yummy and I think, I will try this tonight. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Thank you Natasha… this is the best gift you could give us for new year.. you are so lovely.. and your smile so sweet… best wishes to you for your pregnancy.. God bless you and your baby..

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