Dessert Recipes – How to Make Lemon Cream Cheese Bars

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See how to make these sweet, lemony, cheesy bars. You can’t go wrong using crescent roll dough as a welcome shortcut for the crust, taking your dessert game from zero to hero.

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  1. Rebekah Chaparro

    Do you think it would be ok to bake the bottom layer of crescent roll first? If so, how long do you think? I'm just trying to avoid a soggy bottom

  2. Is it okay to not add lemon juice or any lemons at all. Or do I need the lemons? I know it is a lemon cream cheese bars. But my family hates lemons! So what are my other options??

  3. I would have thought that the cream cheese melts in the oven… Apparently it doesn't. 

  4. Are these supposed to be kept refrigerated ?

  5. can this be made with normal rolling dough. What's the difference between crescent dough and Normal dough? don't think we have crescent dough in the UK

  6. Creatif Design

    I like the french crep it so delesieuse

  7. Chris Cowclimber

    I need to change the recipe to a low-carb version. Any idea? :D

  8. Up The Butt Charizard

    I love simple recipes like this.

  9. The cream cheese filling would be great with puffed pastry

  10. I like this one , will try and see how it turns out
    Thanks for posting 

  11. Looks really good!  I've got blackberries getting ready to ripen.  I think I'll work them into this recipe. :-)

  12. Alisa Wooten

    What a great dessert.

  13. PrincessPumpernickel


  14. Yay the voice is back!

  15. Thin Thin Rodgers

    There goes my attempt to stay fit over the summer. This one recipe is calling out my name. Hahaha. 

  16. Angela Kortright-Calo

    Looks so easy! Gotta try!

  17. I don't like using premade stuff ( crescent rolls ), but I think I'll
    Try this one! 

  18. I'll make you one day my dear. Yay, the voice is back! 

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