Dessert Recipes – How to Make Easy Batter Fruit Cobbler

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In this video, we’ll show you how to make a super quick fruit cobbler. Perfect when you don’t want to invest a lot of time, but expect a great turn out! A quick batter is whisked up and poured into a baking pan. Then we scatter mixed fruit and sugar over the top, set this to bake for an hour, and enjoy right away with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or yogurt! 

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  1. Just Add Muscle Recipe's

    Cobbler's are the best. Especially mixed berries like this one. Yummmmm

  2. Wayne Harris

    Just use a cake mix….

  3. Gonna make it today!! 👍

  4. Such an elegant yet easy to make dessert x

  5. Heghineh Cooking Show

    Looks really good , I may need one of those cast iron skillets

  6. The Domestic Handmaiden of Distinction

    (Laughing) This looks like something that I can get away with eating once a week or when guests pop over. I could also modify the recipe by using burnt sugar, brown sugar and various spices. I can't wait to try this! TFS

  7. Sadia Farzana Lima

    It's kinda easy if u guys talk

  8. Jay's Baking World

    This recipe looks so amazing! I'm curious though, does it have to be baked in a skillet, or can you put it in a small square 8×8 inch glass casserole dish? This concept is really cool, but I just want to confirm. ☺️

  9. Isabella Osili


  10. Baking pan????? That's a cast iron skillet!!

  11. Treat Factory

    Yummy and simple recipe :)

  12. One Kitchen - A Thousand Ideas

    Looks so delicious!

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