Dessert Recipes – How to Make Easy Banana Pudding Cake

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Satisfy your dessert cravings with plenty of cake, cookies and cream by making this deliciously easy recipe. After baking a yellow cake, poke it full of big holes and then dowse with plenty of banana pudding. Then chill until set and cover with loads of fluffy whipped topping and crushed vanilla wafers. Then hand out the spoons quickly, because this pudding cake is irresistible!

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  1. Jaclyn Garza

    It says easy, so the goal is convenience. I like it👌🏻

  2. Iam So Glad The Took The Show Off The Air, Those That Didn't Win Their Challenges Didn't get A Thing, Oh so Sad.

  3. fivelightsonahill

    Looks delicious! Love the music too!

  4. anthony whitehead

    i like this

  5. Not bad……

  6. Algeron Waterschoot

    How to make banana pudding cake. Step one, make cake using cake mix. Step two, make pudding using pudding mix. Step three, combine. Step four, unsubscribe.

  7. 0:07: yellow cake mix. Seriously, go f*ck yourself, is this a recipe????

  8. Greitcha Smith


  9. Where's the banana 🍌

  10. Moonlight Bri

    If you guys think this is lame get out of here this is awesome

  11. Wow it's looks soooo delicious 😋

  12. lame

  13. The Love, Laugh, Joy

    What was banana about this recipe?

  14. Alisa Wooten

    Mmmm yummy!