Dessert Recipes – How to Make Chocolate Eclair Dessert

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This video shows you how to make an impressive, no-bake chocolate éclair dessert. For something so elegant, it’s shockingly simple! French vanilla instant pudding is layered over graham crackers, and iced with chocolate frosting. So easy!

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  1. Seven Awesome Kids

    Love it I made it for mothers day my momo loved it thank you so much!!!!!!!!!

  2. This looks good but it is not an eclair. 

  3. the gaming montage (gaming acapella and more)

    Hi alreciepes can you guys make a reciepie for pat sucre

  4. Frank Fibonacci

    Use Tennis biscuits instead of those crackers.

  5. Micky Antiforms

    i liked but just do not call it eclair, please, u r killing me.

  6. it's really easy

  7. LittleHello427

    FAKE ECLAIRS!! I'd still eat it though. 

  8. gamergirls1231

    It pretty much sweet lasagna 

  9. Mykee the Gymnast

    What is the last ingredient called after the vanilla pudding 

  10. It sure is here in the ole USA!

  11. Did you see the end? The cherry was about to fall!

  12. PriVacy Matters

    This is a pudding bar.

  13. Quynh Mai Nguyen

    I think it is TIRAMISU recipe. Right????

  14. Visually It's more a mille feuilles than an eclair, recipely this is more a wall mounting than a real recipe ,brick, ciment and coating. 

  15. I made this before and it was so rich and so good!!!

  16. Just what I need, sounds so good

  17. yummy!

  18. This is not an chocolate éclair.
    Éclair is made with "pâte à choux" and filled with "crème pâtissière".

  19. I need this in my life.

  20. Camila Jimenez

    I love your videos! ❤️ 1stttt

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